WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler was recently a guest on The Apter Chat, during which he addressed the controversy surrounding WWE’s upcoming Crown Jewel PPV in Saudi Arabia.
“The King” spoke with longtime pro wrestling journalist Bill Apter prior to the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, but spoke about the already controversial event with it marking the second straight time that women will not be allowed to perform on a WWE Event in the region.
According to Lawler, all of that will eventually change.
“I think it’s good in the fact that it is helping bring about change,” said Lawler. “I think that eventually if we keep going, that women will be allowed to go.”
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Lawler continued, “I didn’t really think that women were going to be allowed at the show. But I was so shocked that they want to be so westernized. They want to be like we are. But I think that this deep-seeded religious leaders that they’re still somehow in power. But I think as time goes on I think that’s [women wrestling in Saudi Arabia] going to change.”
You can check out the entire episode of The Apter Chat with WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler at TheApterChat.com.
You can add “The Viper” Randy Orton to the list of WWE Personalities that feel that the company should go ahead with their scheduled Crown Jewel PPV Event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia despite the mainstream media controversy surrounding the event.
Randy Orton spoke with the folks from TMZ Sports this week and just like WWE Hall Of Famers JBL & Jerry “The King” Lawler recently did, supported WWE’s decision to go ahead with their Crown Jewel PPV Event on November 2nd.

“I think we should go,” said The Viper. “I think the only way to help with change is to go and not to cancel the trip.”
Orton added, “And I think we’ll be there eventually with Saudi and Crown Jewel. That’s the goal is to make things better everywhere and I think us not going doesn’t help. Going helps.”
You can check out the entire interview Randy Orton had with TMZ Sports in the video below:

Another WWE Hall Of Famer who feels that the company should go ahead with their Crown Jewel PPV Event in Saudi Arabia next month is none other than Kevin Nash. Nash tweeted the following in regards to WWE going ahead with their Crown Jewel Event in Saudi Arabia:

9-11 was conducted by 15 of the 19 attackers who were Saudi’s, our response was to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. Now a hit squad is responsible for the death of a Saudi Journalist. Should we hit Yemen and Iran. We’ll never know the truth. Let’s push Saudi Arabia to progress.
— Kevin Nash (@RealKevinNash) October 17, 2018

Honor it’s contract. It’s entertainment not a UN summit
— Kevin Nash (@RealKevinNash) October 17, 2018