Swedish fashion retailer Lindex has launched a new sustainability
promise to “make a difference for future generations” that will focus on
three areas, to empower women, to respect the planet and to ensure human

The sustainability promise has been developed with the fashion brand’s
vision “to empower and inspire women everywhere – as a guiding star,”
stated Lindex in a statement and is closely connected to UN Sustainable
Development Goals, as it wants “those who buy and wear our garments to be
able to enjoy sustainable lifestyles, both today and tomorrow”.

Anna-Karin Dahlberg, corporate sustainability manager at Lindex, said in
a statement: “Everything we do at Lindex, we do for women. But it’s not
just the women of today. If we are to truly have a positive impact, we need
to make a difference for future generations.

“Our new promise unites our ongoing sustainability work with the work we
have ahead of us, now that we are raising the bar for ourselves.”

Its promise to future generations will see the brand empowering women by
taking the lead in creating fair and equal workplaces for women, advocating
inclusiveness and body positivity as well as supporting a sustainable

It has set itself a number of goals to empower women including by 2021,
for all our its business partners to committed to Lindex new Code of
Conduct that is progressive within gender equality, and by 2025, Lindex
suppliers who stand for 80 percent of our production will have had to
complete its Women Empowerment programme and sustained the learnings.

Lindex to take climate action as part of sustainability promise

In addition, it will respect the planet by taking climate action by
ensuring its own operations are climate neutral by 2023, as well as
reducing the negative impact in its value chain, with a goal of 30 percent
reduction of CO2 emissions in Lindex total value chain by 2030, with 2017
as baseline.

Lindex will also implement a circular business approach by looking to
prolong the lifetime of its products, by setting itself a target of
ensuring 100 percent of its materials are recycled or sustainably sourced
by 2025, as well as reducing material streams and sending zero waste to
landfill, and designing for longevity by 2020.

As part of its environmental pledges, Lindex also wants to be a water
responsible company, and by 2025 it hopes that all Lindex business partners
have water intensive operations to measure their water use, have set
reduction goals and incorporated reduction, reuse and recycling of
wastewater in the environmental management systems.

In addition, by 2025, it also adds that it want to have removed the
release of all hazardous and toxic substances from Lindex supply chain and
promote transparency and more sustainable chemistry.

Lindex to promote fair living wages

The final pledge is to ensure human rights by making sure Lindex whole
value chain is progressing within living wage and that its workplaces are
safe and healthy, free from harassment and discrimination.

Key goals include, by 2021, to ensure that all Lindex business partners
have signed the Lindex Sustainability Commitment, and that by 2025, that
all Lindex suppliers who stand for 80 percent of its production show total
supply chain transparency and commitment to improving working conditions,
as well as having a living wage programme.

“Transparency and collaboration are key aspects for us to keep our
promise. By working together as suppliers, partners, employees and
customers, we can create a future for empowered and inspired women in a
sustainable world,” added Dahlberg.

Images: courtesy of Lindex