A reader that chose to remain anonymous sent the following live report from Orlando, Florida:

I went to the Jericho signing, and he turned up 50 minutes late, the lines were huge. I was up the front somewhere, but from what I heard he stayed late too. He was really nice, but they were rushing people through so no one got too much of a chance to talk to him. A few steps away was the THQ challenge and POD, and TNA fliers were handed out while we were standing in line.

Matt Striker and Todd Grisham hosted the THQ challenge, which started reasonably on time. I’m sure you’ll get reports about who beat who and what happened, so I’ll leave that to everyone else, but Finlay stole the show, great and funny person. The surprise appearance was probably Randy Orton, who got booted out in the first round by Cody Rhodes, but grabbed the mic beforehand and thanked his pregnant wife for being with him this weekend. Rey was there, and had to get Layla to play his first round for him since his surgery meant he couldn’t move his arm properly. She beat Matt Hardy I think it was. Elijah won the challenge, beating Kofi Kingston.

That’s the interesting points of the day, keep up the great website!

Note from Richard: We are still looking for live reports from all of the festivities in Orlando, Florida. Please feel free to send a report to this email address.

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