Former Vice President Joe Biden came under fire from progressives Monday as video footage circulated online showing his condescending response to a young woman who questioned him about abandoning his opposition to super PACs in the face of a cash-strapped presidential campaign.

“Since you’ve reversed and are now taking super PAC money… how can we trust that you’re not fighting for the people profiting off climate change?” Lily Levin, an 18-year-old volunteer with the Sunrise Movement, asked the Democratic front-runner at a Sunday night rally in Durham, North Carolina.

Interrupting her question, a visibly frustrated Biden replied, “Look at my record, child.”


The short clip sparked swift outrage. In These Times associate editor Dayton Martindale tweeted, “Biden’s condescension and unjustified arrogance—his climate record isn’t that good!—are exactly why youth need meaningful democratic input in climate policy.”

Levin, meanwhile, said Monday that “I am upset that Joe Biden did not address any of the content of my question, and instead referred to me in a condescending way.”

“He referenced ‘good paying jobs’ and renewable energy in his speech, but he seems to be all talk,” the activist continued. “His support for former fossil fuel executives shows that he has continued to undermine low income communities of color—specifically Indigenous and Black communities—through environmental racism and injustice, both here in eastern North Carolina and nationally.”