The Takeaway —

Taya Valkyrie returned and tried to defeat Matanza, but Johnny Mundo saved her from being sacrificed to the gods. Speaking of Taya and Johnny, Ricky Mundo admitted that he was the one that unleashed Matanza on the wedding of Johnny and Taya. He said he was going to defeat Taya so he’d have Johnny all to himself.

Mil Muertes and Fenix proved to be a terrifying team as they defeated The Mack & Dragon Azteca Jr.

Pentagon Dark managed to defeat Reklusa in a good match, but Marty the Moth saved her from getting piledriven into a pile of thumbtacks. To increase the insanity, Marty attacked Pentagon with a barbed wire baseball bat and Reklusa poured gasoline on Pentagon. Marty threatened to set Pentagon on fire.

The Recap —

Matt Striker and Vampiro opened the show announcing that Mil Muertes & Fenix would be teaming for the first time, which is crazy because of how they are mortal enemies.

Taya Valkyrie was in the ring and blamed Antonio Cueto and Matanza for ruining their wedding, which was fair. Matanza did also murder two of her friends and put her on the shelf. Taya demanded a match with Matanza, and Antonio made a Sacrifice to the Gods match.

Matanza defeated Taya Valkyrie via DQ

Taya took it to Matanza right away, fighting for her life and for revenge against the monster. Taya locked on a rear naked choke, but she ended up letting it go — and Matanza no sold it. Taya hit a cutter on Matanza, and the monster was laying on the mat long enough that you thought she might actually get the win. Taya climbed the top rope and hit a moonsault, but Matanza kicked out at two.

Johnny Mundo ran in before Matanza could hit Wrath of the Gods, and he hit the Moonlight Drive and the End of the World on Matanza before helping Taya leave.

This is the first time in the season that Matanza failed to murder his opponent in a Sacrifice to the Gods match, so you can bet that Matanza is going to be looking for blood. Mundo will be taking on Matanza at Ultima Lucha Cuatro!

Mil Muertes & Fenix defeated The Mack & Dragon Azteca Jr.

All four men immediately started brawling, and Dragon Azteca Jr. and Mil Muertes were the only two left in the ring. Muertes hit a big chokeslam. Azteca hit a facebuster and got a two count. Fenix came in and started to hit incredible high-flying offense. The Mack ran wild for a few minutes on Fenix, but Muertes overpowered him and sent him to the outside before Fenix and Muertes doubled teamed Dragon Azteca Jr.

Fenix went for a Doomsday Device on Dragon Azteca Jr., but Azteca ducked. As Fenix flew over, The Mack hit a mid-air stunner. Fenix tried to hit a tilt-a-whirl on Azteca, but Azteca flew into the air and came down with a tornado DDT. There was a series of dives by all the wrestlers, and back in the ring, Fenix hit Azteca with a kick, but Azteca hit a hurricanrana and almost got a pinfall.

Muertes came back in and laid out Dragon Azteca Jr. with a powerbomb and a lariat. The Mack kicked Muertes right in the face, but Muertes hit him with a big right hand. There was some more fast-paced action that was difficult to keep up with, as Fenix hit a massive double stomp on The Mack while Mack was on the apron. Fenix hit the Dark Fenix Driver on Azteca, and Muertes hit the flatliner on The Mack for the pinfall. This match was so awesome.

Famous B was in the ring with Beautiful Brenda, and Famous B talked about how Mundo’s wedding was beautiful. However, B was destroyed by Matanza then too, and he claimed that he saw his life flash before his eyes. Ricky Mundo came out and told B to shut up.

Ricky Mundo (w/ That Evil Doll) defeated Famous B (w/ Beautiful Brenda)

Ricky was beating on B right at the start of the match. The crowd showered Ricky with boos as Mundo won quickly.

Ricky cut a promo, calling Johnny Mundo and Taya cowards and saying that it was him that unleashed Matanza at the wedding. Ricky said that he ruined their wedding because Johnny and Taya treated him like nothing. Ricky said he was going to take Taya out of the picture, and he attacked Brenda and locked her in a crossface to show what he was going to do to Taya. We have another match for Ultima Lucha.

Pentagon Dark defeated Reklusa

Reklusa did a dive off the top rope and immediately took it to Pentagon. Reklusa beat on him and sent him to the outside of the ring before gouging Pentagon in the eyes and sending him into three rows of chairs and going for a cannonball. Pentagon caught her and powerbombed her on the apron. Pentagon kicked her in the leg and hit a chop on her.

Pentagon hit a superkick and sent her to the outside of the ring. It was then Reklusa’s turn to meet several rows of chairs, and the action continued around ringside. Pentagon kept the advantage for a while, and while this was a little uncomfortable, it was nowhere near how uncomfortable Marty the Moth vs. Mariposa was last week.

Reklusa actually got a good amount of offense in this one, and it didn’t seem like Pentagon was beating her without mercy. Reklusa dove off the top rope and hit a huge hurricanrana and then a tope into a DDT on the floor! That was incredible. Pentagon kicked out after a two count. Pentagon took the advantage with another chop, but Reklusa hit a tornado DDT.

Pentagon hit a Pentagon Driver, but Reklusa kicked out! She continued to sell the leg because of Pentagon’s work on it throughout. Reklusa countered a package piledriver and hit a big boot to the face. Pentagon countered a dive attempt with a kick and hit a package piledriver on the apron.

Reklusa kicked Pentagon low and hit a Canadian Destroyer, but Pentagon kicked out! Pentagon hit the backstabber and then a second package piledriver before getting the pinfall. This was actually a really good match, albeit with a few moments of discomfort. However, Chelsea Green didn’t look defenseless. It looked like she could win at any moment.

Pentagon went to the outside of the ring and poured a pile of thumbtacks on the mat, and suddenly it got uncomfortable again. Before Pentagon could piledriver her into the tacks, Marty the Moth ran down and hit Pentagon with the barbed wire bat and beat on Pentagon with it, drawing blood. Reklusa went to the outside and pulled a gas canister from under the ring.

Marty nailed Pentagon again with the bat, and they poured gasoline on Pentagon before threatening to set him on fire. Just as the show ended, Marty blew the lighter out, but the message was clear – he was willing to set Pentagon on fire if it came to it.