WWE Hall of Famer and Busted Open co-host Mark Henry is praising Sami Zayn for his new heel character on Monday Night Raw.

Henry recognized Sami’s work on the show, where he actually compared Zayn to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Sami has indeed been on fire with his promos since returning to TV and he’s truly captivated the audience thanks to his harsh words of criticism.

The World’s Strongest Man believes that these promos are the hottest thing going.

“He is the best promo in the business today. There is no one close. Sami is giving an opinion that is so polarizing, that you have to sit there and listen. Even if you disagree, people are sitting and they’re not clapping, they’re not booing or hissing, unless he prompts them to. They’re sitting there like ‘wow, he’s right.’”

Mark brought up the fact that Sami’s criticism of the fans is true-to-life, because today’s audience demands to have everything their way. He may not be speaking to every fan, but those fans that he’s addressing are listening and they hear every word he says.

Henry went on to say that Sami shouldn’t be in the ring with another babyface because that babyface would essentially not be able to get over. That’s where the comparisons to Austin came into play.

“Sami is doing Steve Austin type promos. Steve Austin was not going to the ring trying to make the fans feel good. Steve Austin was about Steve Austin. Sami Zayn is about Sami Zayn. He’s going to get his point across and you’re going to listen and I think it’s the most interesting thing on television right now.”

Sami Zayn has only worked one match since he came back to WWE after missing nearly one year due to injury. It’s unknown where this new direction will take him or who will step up to try and silence him.

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"He is the best promo in wrestling today."@TheMarkHenry on why @SamiZayn can be compared to @steveaustinBSR when it comes to capturing the audience on the microphone.#RAW #SDLive #WWE pic.twitter.com/pjebfbU7oA

— SiriusXM Busted Open (@BustedOpenRadio) May 3, 2019