— Last Thursday’s episode of TNA iMPACT! scored a 1.28 cable rating, the program’s highest mark since October 14. TNA averaged 1.93 million viewers over the course of two hours, which is the third largest average audience in the program’s history.

The program got off to a strong start as the opening segment setting up the main event drew a 1.41. Viewership increased for the beginning of the Knockouts Elimination Match featuring Sarita, Madison Rayne and Tara against Mickie James and The Beautiful People, gaining 15,000 viewers to draw a 1.42 rating. However, the second half of the 13 minute match following the commercial break lost 195,000 viewers. Amazing Red vs. Max Buck vs. Chis Sabin lost 90,000 viewers. Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson’s verbal confrontation, and Velvet Sky’s promo, kept the rating even. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero’s promo lost 120,000 viewers and was the lowest rated segment of the show. Mr. Anderson vs. Matt Hardy gained 60,000 viewers. The main event featuring Kurt Angle and Crimson vs. Beer Money, Inc., Kazarian, Rob Terry, Gunner and Murphy gained 210,000 viewers to draw a 1.33 rating. It was the most watched main event in several weeks.

— According to SuperLuchas.net, Matt Hardy is reportedly trying to persuade TNA Wrestling officials to hire former WWE Diva Amy “Lita” Dumas so he can work a storyline with her.

During an interview last October, Dumas expressed interest in returning to the squared circle “for fun,” albeit not on a full-time basis. She was also broached on the subject of Hardy, to which she snarked, “Oh my god, what happened to that guy?” Dumas added that she feels he has maturity issues, but also acknowledged his professionalism during their 2005 feud.

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source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter