As we all know by now, Bray Wyatt will be facing Matt Hardy in an Ultimate Deletion Match at the Hardy Compound and the match will be shown tonight on RAW. Over the past few days, Matt Hardy has been getting ready for the match and he has been hyping up the match in his own “Woken” ways. First, he introduced his “Woken” family to the WWE Universe. Then, he was getting some advice from “George Washington,” his giraffe. Just recently, he made a new video where he introduced the WWE Universe to his dilapidated boat, Skarsgård, and the Lake of Reincarnation.
It will be interesting to see how this match will play out tonight on RAW as all of the characters and objects that he used in his original “Broken” gimmick in Impact has once again been introduced. We could very well see a part of the “Broken” gimmick return or we could see the entire “Broken” gimmick return. Whatever we may see in The Ultimate Deletion Match, it will surely be something that we will never forget and it will truly be something remarkable and worth remembering for many years to come. You can check out the latest video released by Matt Hardy below:

EXCLUSIVE: Skarsgård is SO much more than a DILAPIDATED BOAT to WOKEN @MATTHARDYBRAND!!! #UltimateDeletion
— WWE (@WWE) March 18, 2018