Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has publicly apologised for his ‘heat of the moment’ comments which followed his penalty last weekend in Austin.

The Dutchman was stripped of his podium finish at the US Grand Prix for exceeding track limits and gaining an advantage on the last lap of the race, which led the angered driver to call one of the official FIA steward’s “an idiot”.

“Further to what I said during the FIA press conference earlier today, I would once again apologise for the language that I used following the US Grand Prix,” Verstappen posed on his Instagram account.

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“My comments were made in the heat of the moment, I know that the words I used were inappropriate and they were not directed at any one person.

“I certainly did not mean to cause any offence and I hope we can move on and enjoy this race weekend.”

Verstappen’s comment targeted FIA steward Garry Connelly, who happened to be officiating in Mexico last year when the Red Bull driver was also demoted from third to fourth.

FIA director Charlie Whiting refuted however suggestions of a biased view from the official.

“I think it’s just coincidence that Garry has been there and you can’t tie the two together,” said Whiting.

“I know Garry very well and a more honest and scrupulous person you could never come across. I think any idea that he may have it in for a driver is wholly unfounded.”

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