— Mick Foley was originally tapped to be involved in tonight’s Hell in the Cell match between Undertaker & Edge as the 10th anniversary to one of the most famous matches in the history of professional wrestling. However, he was told this past week that there was a change of plans and that his services weren’t needed for SummerSlam. And it doesn’t look like he’s returning to his post as an announcer on SmackDown either. Internally, Foley getting beat up by Edge on SmackDown a few weeks ago now constitute his being written off of television as a character.

— As reported earlier today, Jeff Hardy had a pretty bad elbow infection this past week which had to be drained backstage at Tuesday’s SmackDown/ECW taping. Hardy was on antibiotics all week but the injury is not expected to slow him down in his match with MVP tonight at SummerSlam. Also, the “neck injury” was an excuse some Best Buy employees used to cover up his autograph signing no-show at the Rockford, Illinois store on Friday as a number of fans were expecting to meet him.

— conducted an interview with Randy Orton during his recent media tour in Europe. He visited Europe to promote SummerSlam, as well as WWE’s European tour in Scotland this autumn. The article is saying that while Orton’s too injured to wrestle at SummerSlam, he will be there to “cause some trouble.” They wrote: “After his injury, Randy is missing out on wrestling in tomorrow night’s payper-view SummerSlam event, although he will be there to cause some trouble, so he is now really looking forward to the UK tour, and coming back to Scotland.” Of course, the interview was conducted a few days before his apparent motorcycle accident. You can read the article at this link.

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