WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley recently posted the following blog on his official Facebook page:


Maybe I’ve been too rough on Rusev. Not that I’ve ever said or written anything about him. But in my mind, I think he’s always going to suffer by comparison to The Iron Shiek – a classic anti-American heel who thrived on crowd heat, and was part of an all-time classic brawl with Sgt Slaughter in MSG that had a young Mick Foley on his feet, chanting USA, USA.

But last night, I think I finally “got” Rusev. He showed himself to be a very capable, believable big man – going head to head with Big Show in a hard-hitting, entertaining match. But I sure was bamboozled by the ending. Having Marc Henry hit the ring for the DQ and team up with Show to leave Rusev laying seemed odd and anti-climactic. It also seemed to be decidedly pro bullying, with two larger men ganging up on one smaller man.

I’ll be watching to see if this goes somewhere. Certainly, last night’s scenario lends itself to potential conflict between Show and Henry – and also leaves the door open for a different American hero to conquer the foreign menace…even though I still think Jack Swagger is the right man for the task.

Let me know what you think.

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