As noted, former WWE star and one-half of the Hart Foundation, Jim Neidhart, passed away on Monday morning at the age of 63.

initial reports noted The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has said emergency responders were called to the home of Neidhart’s daughter, Natalie, in Wesley Chapel, Florida at 6:37 AM ET. The 911 call reported a male suffering from convulsions and having a seizure.

According to an update from TMZ, Neidhart’s wife, Elizabeth Neidhart, told investigators Jim was having difficulty sleeping and got out of bed to change the thermostat. But, when Jim went to touch it, he “turned weirdly as if he were about to dance.”

“He then fell towards the wall and ground,” the investigation report says.

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Elizabeth called 911 thinking he was having a seizure since he “suffers from seizures and takes medication for it.”

The report adds that investigators did indeed discover medication in the home, however, “none of the medication appeared to have been abused.”

As noted, WWE celebrated the life and legacy of Jim Neidhart on WWE Raw this week, and also issued a 10-bell salute to the late WWE star at the Smackdown Live event in Columbia on Monday night.

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