— As reported earlier today. GFW Chief Creative Officer Jeff Jarrett has taken a “personal leave of absence” from the company effective immediately. According to Mike Johnson at pwinsider.com, the move was initiated by Anthem’s Ed Nordholm earlier in the day and reportedly took Jarrett by surprise, as he was ready to host a fantasy football party for GFW employees today at his home (which of course didn’t happen as it was moved to GFW headquarters instead).

— With Nordholm forcing Jarrett’s hand into a leave of absence, the reason is apparently not due to any unhappiness regarding the creative aspect of GFW but rather by his “erratic behavior” that was building for months. It all came to a tipping point at the recent Triplemania event where Jarrett appeared looking out of shape while stumbling around ringside.

— Jarrett’s defenders are stating that he is not totally to blame in all of this as many of the things he was being criticized for (such as backing Anthem in their legal dispute with the Hardys) was because he was simply following orders to be loyal to the company. Others point out that Jarrett definitely needed a “break” of some sort but mainly because was working tirelessly to manage the situation between Nordholm (who people say has no clue about wrestling) and the actual wrestling part.

— It remains to be seen how GFW/Anthem will fare without Jarrett due to Nordholm’s inexperience with wrestling. A number of meetings were held throughout today to discuss the future direction of the promotion and it appears the creative team – which Jarrett put together – will be staying as is.

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— Perhaps the most interesting note that came out of all this is the possible revelation that Anthem and GFW never actually merged officially so if Jarrett is indeed gone for good, it’s possible the GFW name will follow suit. The futures of Jim Cornette and Alberto El Patron are unknown but at this time Cornette is still with the company. Karen Jarrett, however, will surely separate from the company if Jarrett is gone.