TRAIN WITH 220 TRIATHLON …with Nick Beer


Struggling to find ways to train during the Covid-19 crisis? Here at 220 Triathlon we want to help you maximise your training time and keep yourself as fit and healthy over the next we weeks as possible. So in a new weekly video release, join coach Nick Beer for weekly training advice, as well as answers to your questions.

Nick Beer ( can be found regularly in the pages of 220 offering expert coaching and health advice. Nick’s extensive scientific knowledge on the functioning of the human body, coupled with his background as an elite athlete and experience of working in a multi-disciplinary team, have given him the perfect platform to develop a very successful career as a Reconditioning Performance Coach.

In each weekly video, going live at 8am on a Monday morning through 220’s Facebook page, Nick will cover:

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Effective at-home training tips to keep you fit during the current crisis
Expert ways to keep strong and healthy and avoid injury
Your questions answered (submit them in the comments below!)

New video live on 220 Triathlon’s Facebook page every Monday, 8am

TRAIN WITH 220 TRIATHLON …with nutritionist Kate Percy

Wondering what you should be eating during the lockdown to best support your health and fitness? Or struggling to come up with recipes because you can’t find tinned tomatoes on the shelves?! Here at 220 Triathlon we want to help you come up with ways of creating meals that are new and exciting but which will also support your health and wellbeing during the Covid-19 crisis.

So, in a new weekly video release, join 220 nutritionist, Go Bites founder and author of Go Faster Food Kate Percy for weekly inspiration! Kate has written three ‘Go Faster Food’ books, is in-house chef for 220 Triathlon and has also developed an education programme to get kids eating better and moving more. Plus, her Go Bites energy balls for athletes are stocked nationally.