sources: Wrestling Observer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— There were Internet reports of TNA planning to fly a plane with a banner over the Citrus Bowl at WrestleMania. A TNA plane never flew over WrestleMania. Officials were said to be upset with the story on the TNA plane getting out, although WWE officials were aware of their apparent plans long before it broke out. A plane did fly during WrestleMania, but it was for a strip club. The plane fle above the Citrus Bowl with the message “Wooo!”

— Initial reports for WWE’s latest theme music CD, WWE Music Volume 8, have the album projected at selling 20,000 units during its first week out — not including sales from Wal-Mart. It should finish on the top 40 chart, however, the theme music CDs used to finish in the top 10 when WWE’s popularity was higher. Regarding the CD release, record industry executive Mike Omansky said: “The WWE release comes as a non-event for retailers, due to the lackluster performance of the ill-timed Fall 2007 album. There is no reason for retailers to step up on this one out of the box based on recent sales.”

— WWE wanted to hold the June 9 Raw taping in Sacramento at the Arco Arena, but there were problems with WWE setting up the big HD stage that Arco couldn’t handle at this time. WWE will be holding the Raw taping at a yet to be disclosed location. Also, WWE will be holding a SmackDown/ECW taping the day before in San Jose. They are doing the taping Sunday because the SD/ECW crew is going on yet another trip overseas that week.

— ECW wrestler Stevie Richards is voicing a character for an animated movie project called “The Greatest Fan Film of All-Time,” which is a movie short designed to generate investor money for a bigger project. The same company has almost completed a film called “The Wimp Whose Woman Was A Werewolf” and lists former WWE announcer Kevin Kelly & former WWE wrestler Marty Jannetty as having parts in it.

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