— Jake Roberts is the latest wrestler to dismiss Ultimate Warrior. A fan wrote on Roberts’ Facebook wall that his 5-year old son loves Warrior’s promo. “The Snake” replied, “Thanks..the kids loved the Warrior. Then they turned 8..and realized, not the best idea…”

Roberts also wrote the following regarding Warrior and Hogan: “I think professionally there was nothing big about either of them.”

— SmackDown ring announcer Lilian Garcia will be on hand for tonight’s Royal Rumble. She tweeted, “Who’s excited 4 the @WWE #RoyalRumble tonight?!! Backstage getting ready! 1st Rumble in 3 years!! #Excited!”

— For the first time in several years Charles Wright donned the makeup and costume for his memorable voodoo practitioner character Papa Shango at Saturday’s WrestleReunion in Los Angeles, California. He behaved in character for his autograph appearance, drawing one of the longest lines. Wright told SLAM! Wrestling said his phone is now ringing off the hook requesting him to appear as Shango.

*PHOTOS* of Papa Shango on Saturday