Inside The Ropes recently shared a clip from one of their shows with Paul Heyman where he discussed his infamous CM Punk promo. Heyman went into detail to discuss how he convinced Vince McMahon to let him do the promo after Punk had left the company, and why he thought they had to do it.

“I knew I had an opportunity to do something nobody else could do. Vince Mcmahon did not know that there was a move to ‘hijack’ Raw and the entire show was laid out and about 90 minutes before it wen ton the air and I went to Vince and asked him if he was aware of what we were facing just week’s before WrestleMania, and I showed him. It was the determination of a very passionate crowd to take over the show for three full hours, chanting the name CM Punk.

“Punk and I have seen this industry in similar ways for a long time, the industry moves forward without you. If it doesn’t move forward then what have we built, because it revolves around one person we are screwed. Punk was gone, and the audience was going to hijack the show. I said “hey, out object is to promote Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker and last year CM Punk lost to the Undertaker. That started a downhill spiral of CM Punk and Paul Heyman and I am going to blame it on the fans, and I also blame The Undertaker.” How do I set it up? I said, let me f**k with them, I am going to turn babyface and I said just give me 15 minutes and believe me, they will stop trolling because they will get all of their CM Punk chants out. I considered it a challenge, I like someone to come an do better promos than me, because it makes me do better promos. So when I went out there and lured in that crowd, I talked to them and spoke softly and once I had them, I stuck it right up their ass and when I did I knew I had them.”

If any of the above quotes are used please H/T and credit Inside The Ropes for the interview, which you can see below:

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