sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter,

Paul London was nearly fired over his name being listed as the source of the Survivor information getting out. However, Ashley went to management and asked them not fire London, which helped save him. She said that he didn’t know he was talking with anyone with a website, which is true, and that he didn’t intentionally leak the info. London also got in trouble for having that big smile on his face when Vince walked to his “death.” The talent didn’t know what was going on, but they were told to treat the situation as serious and real, and the feeling is that London did the exact opposite of the instructions.

According to someone close to the situation, Vince McMahon confided that he originally was planning to come back as a character in about two years given the original scenario. The original ending of the storyline called for McMahon to fake his own death. Now that the angle is finished, the plan is for him to come back to television sooner rather than later.

Sunday morning’s edition of A.M. Raw featured Raw brand matches from last week’s Vengeance pay-per-view. They showed Hardys vs. Cade & Murdoch, Melina vs. Candice, and Santino vs. Umaga in their entirety. They also showed brief video packages of Cena’s match and the Edge vs. Batista match, which were shown on television last week. On Telemundo’s airing of Raw yesterday, they showed pay-per-view matches from the past year. They showed JBL vs. Rey at Judgment Day 2006, Mickie vs. Melina from Backlash 2007, and Batista vs. Booker from Survivor Series 2006, among others. All the matches were broadcast in Spanish.

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