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Fran Stringer took inspiration from Pringle of Scotland’s archives, revisiting a black-and-white graphic pattern and a traditional knitting technique known as Sanquhar that yields repeating, pixelated patterns. Her collection was timeless and bold.

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Blown-up cherry and lemon motifs popped on soft intarsia knits. They segued into brightly colored sweaters in mint green, orange and red. These offset monochrome pieces with geometric grid patterns and a capsule collection of “twin sets” — brown sweaters worn over matching loose trousers.

“We tend to find that people are drawn to natural wool colors or brights,” said Stringer, who favored oversize, boxy silhouettes.

Pringle of Scotland RTW Fall 2020

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She added some new motifs, including a shell pattern for some sweaters, and some seamless constructions. She also worked with recycled yarn, and plans to incorporate it into more styles going forward.

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