Japan had a great day in Bulgaria. Team of Tatsuya Ueta was close to big surprise, but at the end of the second duel Bulgaria gained 2 points.

Bulgarian coach Radostin Stoyhev was very angry after the game – “I am totally disappointed of the performance and the result, of course. We lost vital point. Our reception was too bad in the second and forth set. With that bad percentage we can not play volleyball at all. The team is not playing smooth. Congratulations for Japan for their hearts and spirit.”

Russian volleyball machines won another two games in Pool B. After the first tight game team against Germany team of Vladimir Alekno won also the second game in four sets.

It was hard to find the rhythm today but after the first set we stabilized our game. Our head coach kept cool and supported us by changing some players. Maxim Mikhaylov played a real good game,” said Taras Khtei after the match. “Our goal was to give the chance to our younger players, to test some situations and to win the match. It worked, so I am satisfied,” added Russian coach Vladimir Alekno.

Germany coach Raúl Lozano stated: “We are not in the situation to test some players versus a team like Russia. My goal was to give praxis to my starting players for making experience and to win in the future versus teams from the world´s top. We played better in service and block than yesterday but not so well in defence.”

source: FIVB

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