— Excepts of WWE.com’s Raw preview:

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Bayley’s future to be determined
According to WWE medical personnel, the extent of the injury has yet to be determined due to swelling in and around the injured area. A conclusive diagnosis will be made Monday in Toronto, but based on what we have seen, it doesn’t seem likey that The Huggable One will be getting back into the ring anytime soon. If Bayley is unable to compete at SummerSlam, who will challenge the so-called “Goddess of WWE” for her coveted championship? Hopefully, details will emerge on Raw.

Does Rollins truly have Ambrose’s back?
Ambrose made it clear that he only helped Rollins even the odds against Cesaro & Sheamus so he wouldn’t look like “the jerk,” and that Rollins wouldn’t return the favor if their roles were reversed. Will Rollins have the chance to prove his loyalty on Raw?

The Hardys’ fury has been “awoken”
After defeating Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson this past Monday night, The Hardy Boyz got the better of both the “good brothers” and The Revival in a three-team melee. In a WWE.com interview following the brawl, Matt & Jeff Hardy referred to an “awakening” within them that will propel them to the Raw Tag Team Titles.

How will Wyatt respond to Bálor’s mind games?
Bray Wyatt is a master of psychological warfare, but Finn Bálor has a trick or two up his sleeve as well. During The Eater of Worlds’ diatribe in which he boasted about hitting the Irishman with Sister Abigail the previous week, Bálor appeared in the ring from the darkness to ambush Wyatt, then sent the sinister Superstar tumbling out of the ring and up the ramp in retreat. However Wyatt responds on Monday, it won’t be subtle.

Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman to face off in a Last Man Standing Match this Monday on Raw
With less than three weeks to go until they clash in a Fatal 4-Way Match with the Universal Championship on the line at SummerSlam, it has been announced that Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman will continue their epic rivalry when they compete in a Last Man Standing Match this Monday on Raw.