This week’s RAW starts with a Veteran’s Day tribute.

Batista comes out and the fans go wild! He gets in the ring and poses. He’s in wrestling gear. He grabs a mic but has to wait for the fans to quiet down. He says it’s good to be back on RAW, but he’s grown quite fond of his home on SD!. It good to be on RAW. He was invited by Regal to take on some RAW competition. He appreciates the competition, but he thinks Regal has made a huge mistake. He’s a little messed up right now. He’s gearing up for SS. He’s gearing up for Hell In A Cell. He’s gearing up for Taker. He explains what Hell In A Cell is. He says he’s going to be locked in a 20 foot high cell with a guy he doesn’t like, who doesn’t like him. Weapons are not only allowed, they’re welcomed.
Before his victim comes out he has something to say to Taker… The lights go out and… Gong! Taker comes out!!! He comes to the ring slowly, raises the lights, his whole usual entrance.
Batista is ready and waiting in the ring. They stare at each other. Taker takes off his coat and his hat. There’s a ref in the ring. Taker looks ready to fight when Regal’s music hits and he comes out to heat. He says they’re both there for matches, but not against each other, that’s for SS. They will be partners tonight against the best tag team RAW had to offer. Cade and Murdoch come out to the ring.
Taker goes right after Cade when the bell rings. Taker works on Cade. Taker goes up for old school. Batista tags himself in. Shoulders to Cade’s gut in a corner. Cade is whipped but gets his foot up into Batista’s face. Murdoch tags in. Batista telegraphs and gets kicked in the face. Murdoch covers for two. Cade tags in and they double team Batista. Cade covers for two. Spine buster to Cade and Batista shakes the ropes. Taker tags himself in at that point. Choke slam to Cade and Taker covers. Murdoch breaks the count. Batista comes in and hits a spine buster on Murdoch. Taker hits the Tombstone on Cade and covers for three.

– Winners: Taker & Batista

Batista enters the ring and glares at Taker. He grabs Murdoch and hits a Batista-Bomb on him and glares at Taker again.

Promo for the RAW Vs. SD! 2008 video game. They show video game shots of HBK hitting sweet chin music on Orton.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Austin and Santino talking about Austin’s movie last week. Austin hit a stunner on Santino. Austin then went and got a beer truck. Santino got a beer bath, then Maria did too.

Beth comes down to the ring in a black jumpsuit with rhinestones and the sides cut out. Maria comes out in a one strapped red jumpsuit. A sparkly red bikini top covers her other tata.
They lock up and Maria gets slammed down face first. Maria chokes Beth in a corner with a foot. A couple kicks and Maria is down. Maria fights back well until she gets caught up in a double chicken wing. A fisherman’s suplex and it’s all over.

– Winner: Beth

Beth is leaving the ring and Santino’s music. He comes stomping out to the ring. He rushes to Maria’s side. He checks on her and then grabs a mic. He says his Maria will be okay. But last week he was the victim of an attack by Austin. He’s pissed about being sprayed down by beer. Obviously Austin can’t take criticism about his poor acting. He says Austin owes him an apology. He demands Austin comes out, but nothing. If Austin’s not there he’s going to turn to his friend. He’s going to get his apology from jr. When he saw the stupid grin he got so mad, then he realized it’s always there. He demand JR stand up and be a man. King is pissed and stands up. Santino invites King into the ring. “Jerry” chants.
King slowly goes around the announce table. Santino says he’ll give King the first punch, but he better hopes he knocks him out because he’ll beat him up.
Santino sticks out his chin for the punch and King takes it. King drops Santino hard. Santino rolls from the ring screaming that Jerry’s going to pay for it. He stomps his way back up the ramp.

– Commercial

Video replay of Santino getting knocked down by King.

Out back Santino is approached by Grisham. He says King took advantage of him. He challenges King to a match and says he’s not going to be so easy as the guy from Taxi.
King say he doesn’t have wrestling gear with him, but accepts the challenge.

Video of the feud between HBK and Orton, five weeks of sweet chin music.

Video of last week, post show, when Orton convinces Regal that if HBK uses sweet chin music in the SS match he’ll be disqualified and won’t face Orton for the title again. But, if Orton gets disqualified or appears he’s trying to get disqualified, HBK wins the title.

Matt Hardy comes down to the ring! (What a SD! night!) It’s a six man tag match. Rey Rey comes out to join him. Jeff Hardy comes out to round out their team.

– Commercial

Video from SS 1987. Hogan and Andre are involved. Andre wins.

Finlay enters the ring. Kennedy and MVP are already ringside.
Fit and Matt start, but Matt wants MVP. They lock up and Finlay in backed into a corner. “Hardy” chants. The ref makes Matt back off. A side headlock on Matt. He gets out and a hard clothesline to Matt. Kennedy tags in and stomps Matt. Rights to Matt and MVP tags in. MVP doesn’t want to fight Matt, saying they’re partners. MVP tags Kennedy in. Kennedy gains control with knees to Matt’s gut. Matt hits a cross body to take Kennedy down. Matt gets distracted and tossed from the ring.

– Commercial

Kennedy stomps Matt in the center of the ring. A chinlock on Matt. Matt gets to his feet and tries to get out. Matt is able to hit a horrible modified side effect. Rey Rey manages to tag in, as does Finlay. Rey Rey get control and covers for two. Finlay hits a drop kick to Rey Rey’s face and covers for two. MVP tags in and covers for two. A kick to Rey Rey’s ribs. MVP covers for two. A shoulder hold on Rey Rey. Rey Rey uses knees to MVP’s face to get out. Finlay tags in and drops a leg for two. Matt and Jeff try to come in but the refs stops them. Kennedy tags in and hits two back breakers on Rey Rey. Rey Rey fights back with a knee to Kennedy’s head. Rey Rey tries to get a tag but Kennedy drags him away by his ankles. MVP tags in and works on Rey Rey’s ribs. A sidewalk slam turns into a DDT by Rey Rey somehow. Jeff manages to tag in. Jeff runs up a corner and flies onto MVP. Jeff covers but Kennedy breaks up the count. MVP rushes in and Jeff set it up. Rey Rey hits the 619 on both. Jeff hits a swanton on MVP and covers for three.

– Winners: Rey Rey, Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy

The three celebrate and pose for the fans.

Vince is heading for the ring.

Another mysterious video is shown. CAN YOU BREAK THE CODE, X+1=Y, BREAK THE WALLS, UPON_US were all in the video, along with a lot of things I missed because it’s so quick.

– Commercial

Vince is in the ring and gets big heat. He’s there to moderate between HBK and Orton. He introduces HBK first. HBK comes out in jeans and an HBK t-shirt, his cowboy hat is on his head. HBK poses in front of the two podiums that are set up face to face in the ring. Vince then announces Orton. Orton is in wrestling gear and an Orton t-shirt. Orton glares at HBK before posing with his belt.
Vince asks for no physicality. Vince says he knows they’re both aware of the stipulations.
HBK says he’s aware and is aware as to who came up with them.
Orton has to state the rules again.
HBK says Orton got himself intentionally disqualified at CS.
Orton says he was defending himself.
HBK says the reason Orton got the super kick banned was because Orton knew number six would be at SS.
Orton says he knows it about revenge. Orton says he’s going to win because HBK is a hot head. It’s his instinct to use the super kick.
HBK says he likes that train of thought. Without the kick, what is HBK? If HBK can hit the kick, he can beat anybody. He’s not sure if that’s a compliment or a criticism. He’s not a one hit wonder with an axe to grind. Maybe everything he’s done has been a fluke. Maybe it’s all be luck. What a novel idea fro HBK to walk in to SS and win with a wrestling move, or better yet, as submission hold. He’s not sure he’s technically sound for that type of stuff. How’s it feel to loose the title to HBK when he didn’t have the option of using the super kick. He doesn’t need it. All hee needs is the memory of what Orton did six months ago when Orton tried to kick his head off. The memory of the tears in his wife’s eyes. The memory of Orton trying to end his livelihood. “HBK” chants.
Orton says he can tell his wife to have the same feelings after SS.
HBK turns to look at Vince, who distracts him, and Orton comes after HBK. HBK goes for the super kick but Orton drops out of the way. Orton hits HBK’s knee in a funny way that might have been bad, or might not have. Orton is about to kick HBK’s head off and Vince stops him. Vince does let him hit and RKO though. “HBK” chants.

– Commercial

Video replay of the altercation between HBK and Orton.

Melina, Jillian and Leyla come out together. They’re all in blues and white. Mickie, Michelle and Kelly Kelly come out all in pink and black.
Michelle and Melina lock up. Michelle gains control and tags in Kelly Kelly. Melina gains control and tags in Jillian. Mickie tags in and hits head scissors on Jillian. Mickie takes out the other two heels on the apron. A neck breaker to Jillian and all the Divas are in. Leyla tags in. Mickie grabs Leyla and bends her back with a hard kiss! Leyla gets kicked in the head by Mickie and covered for three. (She may be new to the ring, but she sold it well.)

– Winners: Mickie, Michelle & Kelly Kelly

JR and King talk about King’s match. King takes off his shirt and watch. He’s heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Video from SS 1998. Rock against Mankind. Mankind pulls out Socko. Vince is ringside. Shane is the ref. Rock wins when Shane calls for the bell during a sharpshooter.

Promo for Snitsky.

King is in the ring waiting. Santino comes out to face him. Video of Santino getting knocked down by King earlier.
They lock up. “Jerry” chants. Back body drop to Santino. King throws some punches. King telegraphs and gets kicked for it. Santino throws some punches. Snap mare to King. Chin lock on King. “Jerry” chants. Shoulders into King’s gut in a corner. Another snap mare but King comes back with kicks to Santino’s leg. Punches to Santino in a corner. Santino gets whipped but gets his foot up into King’s chest. Santino yells for JR to watch. King rolls Santino up into an inside cradle for three.

– Winner: King!

King immediately goes back to the announce table and talks about how great the Diva match was – his music is still playing.

– Commercial

NEXT_MONDAY was the main theme of the newest video shown.

Video of Regal in the ring talking to no one. He’s having a training session with Hornswoggle. He has Lillian introduce Hornswoggle who comes from under the ring. He then has her introduce the training partner, Khali. Out come Coach in a bad wig. Coach impersonates Khali coming down to the ring and entering over the top rope. Coach throws the wig down and says he’s not wearing it. Regal berates him and makes him wear it. The fake translator speaks – it’s bad. The ref gives directions. Regal tells Coach he’s a big tackling dummy and not to hurt Horney.
Horney kicks Coach in the shin over and over. Horney bits his hand. Coach tells Regal he’s not doing it any longer. Horney kneels behind Coach and trips him. Horny pulls down Coach’s pants and drops him to the mat. Horney hits a tadpole splash and covers for three.
Horney steals Coach’s wig and leaves him sitting in the ring wearing Horney’s little green hat.

JR and King go through the matches for SS.

Grisham is out back with HHH. HHH says SS is about who will survive. If there’s only one man standing, it will be HHH. Umaga will be lucky to make it to SS after facing HHH tonight. It doesn’t matter if he has to go through all of Umaga’s guys to get to him tonight. He should do what he should have done three months ago, destroy him.

– Commercial

SS 1994 – King is in the ring with Clowns R Us. King pins Doink. It ends up with six little wrestlers attacking King and hitting him with a pie in the face.

HHH comes down to the ring. All of his lumberjacks are with him – Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Kane and Rey Rey. HHH slaps hands with all off his SS team mates. Umaga comes out with his lumberjacks – Kennedy, Finlay, MVP, Striker and Big Daddy V.
Umaga attacks HHH with punches to the side of the head. Umaga tries to splash HHH, but HHH moves. HHH is tossed from the ring. HHH takes down Striker. HHH takes Umaga down and covers for two. They exchange blows and Umaga is tossed from the ring. His team mates keep the rest away, but HHH flies out of the ring onto Umaga and other. Umaga gets slammed into the stairs and ring post. Back in the ring Umaga telegraphs and gets kicked for it. HHH is tossed from the ring. The heels attack him until HHH’s team mates come running and protect him.

– Commercial

Umaga has control in the ring. They exchange blows and HHH gets whipped. HHH gets his elbow up. A swinging glam to HHH. HHH is a lump on the mat. Umaga pulls HHH up by his hair. Umaga gets on the second rope and slams down on HHH. HHH gets dragged to the other side of the ring, the heel side, and slams down on him again. The faces slam their hands down on the apron to get the fans going. Umaga distracts the ref and Finlay attacks HHH. Umaga slams HHH and covers for two. “Triple H” chants. Umaga tries to slam down on HHH, but HHH gets his knees up. Umaga covers HHH for two. Umaga locks a nerve hold on HHH. HHH’s lumberjacks get the fans going again. Blows to HHH and then the nerve hold again. HHH gets to his feet and knees out of the hold. A right hand drops HHH. Blows to HHH in a corner. Umaga distracts the ref and Kennedy chokes HHH. Umaga goes for a bum slam, but HHH moves. Umaga tries to splash HHH in a corner but HHH moves out of the way of that. HHH hits a DDT. HHH covers for two.
Face buster to Umaga. HHH sets up for the pedigree but Umaga reverses it into a Samoan drop. He goes for a Samoan spike but HHH ducks. Finlay rushes the ring and attacks HHH. The ref calls for the bell.

– Winner: HHH via DQ

All the lumberjacks rush the ring and all heck breaks loose. They are all beating the hell out of each other.

Biggest pop
Rey Rey
Matt & Jeff Hardy

Biggest heat