This first post SummerSlam RAW starts with music and pyro.

King and Cole mention there will be a lot of fallout tonight after SummerSlam.

Nexus stomps their way out to the ring. Wade says that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Team WWE narrowly escaped with victory last night, but Nexus defeated 6 of RAW’s Superstars. As we can see, rumors of their demise have been greatly exaggerated. They’re still there, still united and still ready to dominate the WWE. Everybody was so concerned if Nexus was victorious at SummerSlam, they didn’t worry about what would happed if they tasted defeat. Well, they tasted defeat and there will be consequences to be faced. Those consequences are severe for the Superstars of RAW. There will be more suffering, more destruction and chaos. More destruction and misery for anybody who gets in their way. Last night was a temporary aberration. Mark his words…

Cena’s music cuts him off. Cena, on stage in his (yet again) new colors, t-shirt, hat and bands. He says he’s impressed. Because Wade talks such a big game. He has to, he’s the fearless leader of Nexus. He has the resolve of Winston Churchill. As tough as Snookie for the Jersey Shore. Wade, he only says that because he tapped out. “You tapped out” chants. Apparently all these people saw SummerSlam too. He tapped out and cost Nexus the win. They’re out there saying the loss will make them tougher and stronger. It’s a lie. Right now he’s thinking to hell with Stallone, Willis and Austin, the Nexus are the expendables. After that surprise last night he’s kicking himself right in the fish and chips, why the hell did he get rid of Daniel Bryan? When Bryan joined Team WWE at SummerSlam, he eliminated half of Nexus by himself. For weeks Nexus has been viewed as an indestructible group. But now they’re human and can be beat. Now they’re going to be looking at them as a individuals, not a group.

Let’s start with David Otunga. David happens to be nothing other than a bellow average escort who clings to someone’s arm on the red carpet. The fans love this, Otunga doesn’t. Tarver, looks like some sort of MMA bank robber who works nights as a male stripper. Fans love this. Those trunks get any smaller we’re going to have to change the rating of this show! Is that Heath Slater, or the chick from Wendy’s? Then Slater is morphed into Wendy in a little picture on the screen. Heath was pissed, Cena laughed. He’s letting us be the judge on that one. “Wendy’s” chants. This must be Monday night RAW, we just got a Wendy’s chant (even thought Burger King and WWE are going into a promotion together!). Cena then moves on to Darren Young. This one hit’s a little close to the chest. The very existence of Darren proves my mother true of all these years. I thought she was just lying, but she actually did have a lusty affair with Buckwheat. Then there’s Justin Gabriel. He doesn’t know much about him except he has an alternative way of thinking. Cena shrugs. For those who don’t get it, he’ll be at the late show to explain. Cena quickly moves on to Skip and says he doesn’t look like he gets it. Wait, don’t say a word. Cena took a mind reading class in college and can read Skip’s thoughts. Right now he’s thinking, “Meow meow, meow meow, meow meow, heater jumbo tugboat, pbbbttttt.”

Cena said to Wade that it’s like he said, the fear they have instilled in the locker room is gone. Their psychological edge that they were an indestructible force working for a higher power, see ya, bye. They lost last night and Staple Center SummerSlam will forever be the place that Nexus was history! Darren grabbed a mic and told Cena that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Cena says no! No, no, no, byproduct of a gallon of brandy and his mother’s secret celebrity crush, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about because he tapped out too. As a matter of fact he gave up in under a minute. Want to cut to the chase? His name shouldn’t be Darren Young, his name should be The Weakest Link! Darren glared. Wade calmed Nexus down as they all argued between them.

Ding-Ding! Of course Cole calls for attention and gets serious heat. “Nexus may claim they’re stronger than ever, but those words are going to the put to a test. We’re going to continue SummerSlam tonight. Each member of Nexus will compete against members of Team WWE in a series of matches this evening. Outside interference by members of Nexus will be met with serious and appropriate consequences.” Wade says that’s not a form of punishment. After last night it’s an opportunity for redemption. A chance for us to examine Nexus. “You tapped out!” chants fill the arena. Cena says Wade needs a whole lot of redemption because everyone knows he tapped out. Wade thanked Cena for that interjection. It’s a chance for us to examine Nexus and see if there’s any weak links. If there are any weak links, they’ll be weeded out. If anyone in Nexus is not victorious tonight, they’ll be exiled from the group. One way or another, Nexus will be stronger than ever. “What?” Otunga grabs a mic and said, shoot, that’s fine by them, but just knows it also applies to him. If Wade loses, any one of them would be happy to take over.

Ding-Ding! Cena says Regis Philbin with the emails Cole, what is it now? Cole asks for attention. “One last thing Nexus, they can choose which member faces each member of Team WWE, except Wade Barrett. Mr. Barrett will compete next against his former NXT mentor, Chris Jericho.

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Wade is waiting in the ring. Jericho comes out to the ring. Jericho glares at Wade, then looks at him with an interested look on his face.

Wade Barrett Vs. Chris Jericho

“Y2J” chants. Jericho rushes Wade and attacks. Punches him down in a corner, then a high elbow drops Wade. More punches, then a suplex to Wade. Nexus is watching on a monitor backstage. Dropkick to Wade who rolls to the apron. Springboard dropkick to Wade, dropping him to the floor. A boot to Wade’s head and Jericho rolls him back in. Jericho climbs but Wade attacks and knocks him outside. Jericho slammed back first into the apron. Punches, then a kick to Jericho’s ribs. Jericho rolled in, Wade in and still on Jericho with an arm hold. Jericho whipped and hit’s the mat. Punches to Jericho in a corner. Jericho fights back with a chop, then a punch, but Wade fights back and gets the upper hand. Wade chokes Jericho on a second rope with a leg over him. Jericho sitting on the mat, Wade’s knee in his back, arms pulled taught.

Jericho whipped but gets a foot up, then Jericho flies at Wade with a dropkick. Jericho fighting back with punches. Bulldog to Wade. Jericho sets up the walls, Wade counters. Back and forth counters until Jericho locks on the walls, but Wade’s long reach gets him to the bottom rope. Big boot and Wade gets two on Jericho. Jericho kicks Wade in the back of the head. Wade reverses the code breaker. Wade gets Jericho up and slams him down for three.

Winner – Wade Barrett

Backstage Nexus nods in agreement. Wade looks impressed with himself. Video of the high points of the match. Wade backs up the ramp with a cocky smile on his face.

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Justin in the ring announcing the Guest Hosts – Justin Sudeikis, Charlie Day and Justin Long. They come down to the ring, two getting in the ring the chick way, the third struggling through. Then they couldn’t figure out which side the cameras were on! They were all excited and goofy in a frat boy way. Justin asked what they were thinking? They all gave props to the Staples Center and the NBA champions and next years champs, the Miami Heat. He thinks they’re cheering for him. One guy said their Celtics fans. Then Long talks about the Lakers. Long then said they’re a Dynasty, just like the next World Tag Team Champs (someone hasn’t schooled him in what to say). Then he announces the Hart Dynasty. Natalya lead the boys out, she held the straps. Into the ring, they shake hands and hug the clueless actors.

Ding-Ding! Cole gets more heat. As Cole steps up King teases him about his glasses. “From this moment forward, the Unified Tag Team Titles will be known as the WWE Tag Team Championships. Here to present the new titles, WWE HOF’er, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. He comes out with two sexy new belts that look different from anything I’ve ever seen! They’re very coppery and huge! Lots of hugs around the family, then arms held high. Bret shows off his Hart Dynasty t-shirt.

Wade and Nexus on the tron. He says Nexus has chosen his opponent for the evening – Justin Gabriel. Gabriel says he might have experienced a lot in his career, but he’ll experience one more, his 450 splash. Bret just looks up at the tron, but says nothing.

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Video of VKM’s star on the Walks Of Fame.

Cole talks about controversy last night. Khali was injured. Miz finally said he’d do it, but it was too late they had Bryan. King told Cole to not say anything because Bryan was a big help.

Tarver out to the ring. He’s picked Daniel Bryan. Bryan out to the ring. Cole said Bryan replacing Miz is like Cena bringing his girlfriend flowers but replacing it with stinkweed. Can see this is going to go on through the whole match!

Michael Tarver Vs. Daniel Bryan

They lock up, Bryan backed into a corner while the fans chant for him. Tarver nails him with punches. Bryan gets a foot up. More punches, then Tarver’s backed off by the ref. Tarver runs at Bryan and eats a foot. Then Bryan runs out at Tarver and nails him with a very strange flying kick. Bryan pins for two. Cole says Bryan has heart and guts, he’ll give King that. But he’s a nerd! You know he’s a vegan! Arm bar on Tarver. Bryan nails a sick suplex on Tarver for two. Kicks to Tarver’s legs, body and then head into a corner. The ref backs Bryan off. Bryan whipped but never hits the corner. A dropkick to Tarver, then Bryan climbs. Another dropkick to Tarver and Bryan is pumped!

Miz and his Rookie Alex Rider are running down the ramp to the ring. Bryan sees them and is distracted. Tarver grabbed Bryan and rolled him up for three.

Winner – Michael Tarver

Bryan flew out onto Miz and Alex. Bryan works Miz, then Alex. Tarver attacks, gains the upper hand over Bryan. The three of them work together. They hold Bryan as Miz tackles him into the barrier. Miz on Bryan with punches. Alex put down the case and Miz hits his SCF on Bryan onto the case. The whole time Cole says that Miz should be mad, Bryan screwed Miz, this is what Bryan deserves. Alex tells Bryan that Miz’s a real star. Miz says Bryan’s an NXT wash up. Miz and his clone are all pumped up. Cole is still ripping on Bryan.

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Video of Cena’s newest movie.

Video of Tarver’s win and the attack on Bryan. King isn’t happy about Miz’s involvement and Cole is still really nasty toward Bryan.

Backstage Miz and Alex are pumped. Josh asks Miz to explain his actions. Miz says the moment Bryan showed on NXT the WWE Universe heckled him, said Bryan was better than him and should have been his Pro. Then last night at SummerSlam every single superstar begged him to be on Team WWE, then they put him on the back burner for Bryan. Everyone thinks he’s so special, how special is he now? Want the next Breakout star, look no further. Alex said boring old Bryan never appreciated the Miz. Alex isn’t some overrated underdeveloped nerd who’s lucky to have a job in this grown man’s company. What he is, is the next winner of NXT and he owes it all to his Pro the Miz.

In the locker room Nexus is talking away. Darren said he has something to say. He’s decided who he wants to face, John Cena. Otunga thinks his’ crazy. Darren says last month Cena brutally attacked him, now he’s taking Cena out. Otunga says tonight’s about redemption. He knows the consequences and he’s still stepping up. They all punch and slap Darren’s chest and shoulders.

Justin Gabriel out to the ring.

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Gabriel’s standing in the ring, then – Ding-Ding! Cole up to the podium. “Justin, they’re sorry, Bret Hart will not be competing against you tonight. I don’t like Bret Hart, I’ve never liked Bret Hart. I don’t want to see him compete on RAW ever again. I don’t care what anyone in the audience or watching at home thinks. I have decided to make this last minute substitution. An your new opponent is on his way to the ring right now.”

Orton on his way out to the ring to face Gabriel who stands there shaking his head.

Randy Orton Vs. Justin Gabriel

Gabriel, fists up as Orton up to him staring. Gabriel pushes Orton. Orton locks him up and backs Gabriel into a corner. Gabriel gets free and kicks Orton in the thigh. They lock up and Gabriel rolls off Orton’s back and then kicks him in the thigh. Orton kicks back. Gabriel slides under Orton and tries to kick again, but Orton grabs his leg and clotheslines him twice. Orton’s fired up. Gabriel rolls to the apron, Orton pulls him up and hits his through the ropes DDT in what Cole calls ‘vintage’ Orton. Orton pounds the mat, but then turns and rolls out to meet Sheamus. Orton attacks Sheamus, clotheslines Sheamus over the barrier. They fight into the crowd and the ref is counting. Orton still on Sheamus and the bell rings.

Winner – Justin Gabriel

Sheamus sent over the barrier into the ringside area. The refs stop Orton and he realizes he lost the match. Into the ring, Orton behind Gabriel and nails him with an RKO. Orton back out and grabs a chair. Orton beats the holy heck out of Sheamus with the chair. All the refs trying to get Orton to leave. Orton almost to the ramp when he turns back, runs around to Sheamus and nails him with an RKO. Orton pounds the steps with his hands. Video of Orton’s attacks – the RKO, the chair shots, then the second RKO. Orton on the stairs, smirk on his face. Orton poses and smiles.

– Commercial

Video of Orton attacking Sheamus, losing his match, nailing Gabriel with an RKO, then the chair shots on Sheamus, then his RKO.

Skip and Otunga in the ring for a Tag Team Match. Morrison out to the ring, decent pop. R-Truth comes out dancing and singing, the fans all behind him. Cole got all pissy saying he knows, what’s up. King called him on his attitude. Cole says R-Truth gets under his skin. Cheap pop for the fans from R-Truth, as usual.

Skip Sheffield & David Otunga Vs. John Morrison & R-Truth

Otunga talks trash as he and Morrison tie up. Arm bar and leg sweep on Otunga. R-Truth tags in. Nexus watches the monitor. R-Truth pins but Skip breaks it up. Otunga pulls himself to Skip and tags out. R-Truth throws punches at Skip, Skip comes back, catches R-Truth floating over and slams him hard to the mat. Skip stomps R-Truth, then an upper cut. R-Truth tries to fight back, but no luck. R-Truth into the heel corner and shoulders from Skip. Otunga tags in, but R-Truth sends him face first to the mat.

Morrison tags in and clotheslines Otunga, then a cheap shot on Skip. Otunga is running the ropes, Skip steals a tag, then Otunga eats a dropkick from Morrison. Skip drops Morrison, then a cheap shot on R-Truth. Skip yells at Morrison to get up. A big clothesline and Skip gets the three.

Winners – Skip Sheffield & David Otunga

The Nexus boys are all nodding backstage. Video of Skip getting the win. Otunga and Skip are pumped in the ring.

Backstage Eve, Gail Kim and Melina headed for the ring.

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Slam Of The Week – Stills from Melina winning at SummerSlam, then getting taken out by Lay-Cool.

Gail Kim out in lilac, Eve in orange and Melina in red and silver. Fox in bronze and blue, Jillian in blue and black, Maryse in black and silver. Jon Lovitz is in the front row and yelled “Nothing like a good chick fight” at King. Cole says Lovitz is smitten with Maryse.

Gail Kim & Eve & Melina Vs. Alicia Fox & Jillian & Maryse

Maryse and Kim in. Kim avoids her wide punches and nails a drop toe hold on Maryse, then slams her around. Kim off the second ropes with a cross body for two. Forearm to Maryse, then Maryse is sat up top and hung upside-down. Kim tags Melina in then she holds Maryse out by her arms. Melina comes over Kim and slams, open legged onto Maryse. Lovitz loves it. Maryse slams Melina back into the heel corner Maryse distracts the ref so Jillian and Fox can beat on Melina, but Melina gets the upper hand there. Maryse kicks Melina and pins for two.

Fox tags in as Maryse holds her mouth. Suplex to Melina for two. Melina can’t tag out. Snap mare to Melina, then chinlock. Melina screams and nails a jaw breaker. Even and Jillian tag in. Dropkicks to Jillian, then Eve picks her up and slams her to the mat. Eve nails a flipping splash and pins, but Fox breaks it up. Melina in and grabs Fox. They brawl and roll out. Kim in and takes out Maryse who had come in. Eve whipped, but Eve gets an elbow up and manages to kick Jillian. Eve tries to climb, but Jillian pulls her down and pins Eve for three.

Winners – Jillian & Fox & Maryse

Jillian’s music starts and my cats flee the room. Maryse is not impressed, buts her hand up in Fox’s face and slides from the ring.

Backstage Josh welcomes Edge. He asks how important was it to help hand Nexus their first defeat. Edge says it was huge, but of course the team he led was victorious. Josh starts to ask another question but trails off. The camera pans over to show a pissed off looking Heath Slater behind Edge. Edge tells Josh to hit the bricks. Slater says they’re scheduled to face each other tonight and maybe they can work something out. Slater says he’s patterned himself after Edge. Same haircut, same Rock star good looks. Edge asks Slater what he’s getting at. Slater says maybe tonight Edge just doesn’t show up. Take tonight off. Another member of Nexus winning by forfeit. Edge says normally he might do that, but he doesn’t want the books to show he forfeited to some Wendy-looking, ginger haired, Edge-wannabe. Edge turns to leave and Slater nails him in the upper back with a hard forearm. Edge is left on the floor looking rather pissed.

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Joe Manganiello from True Blood is in the front row.

Heath Slater is in the ring waiting for Edge, looking cocky. Edge comes out looking rather bug eyed and pissed.

Heath Slater Vs. Edge

The bell rings and he runs at Slater. Edge stomps Slater down in a corner until made to back off. More punches, then Slater’s whipped again. Knee to Slater in the corner. Slater’s whipped again and comes out into a clothesline. Edge poses and gets pop for his work. Edge climbs, but Slater trips him. Edge falls to the apron. Baseball slide knocks Edge to the floor. Slater out and slams Edge face first to the barrier. Back in the ring Slater pins for two. Arm hold on Edge on the mat as the fans chant something I can’t comprehend, but I think it’s against Slater. Edge up and punching. Slater slams Edge down, then stomps his head. Slater pulls Edge up by his hair and punches him down. Back elbow to Edge for two. Edge gets a few punches in, but Slater punches back.

Edge whipped, but he moves and Slater eats the corner. Flying forearm from Edge, then a clothesline. Edge slams Slater back to the mat for two. Slater telegraphs and eats a kick for it. Slater nails Edge with a flapjack for two. One fan’s voice rings out, “I hate you Heath Slater, I hate you!” The voice is from a young guy in the front row. Slater gets to his feet with a smile. Punch to Edge in a corner, but then Edge reverses the whip and then Slater gets a mini-spear in the corner. Edge’s baseball slide misses Slater, but outside Edge nails Slater with a big boot. Edge sets Slater up for the spear, but the ref is counting the whole time. Slater jumps into the ring and the ref gets to ten.

Winner – Heath Slater

Slater celebrates in the ring, but then eats a spear. Edge sneers, then glares down on Slater. The fans love Edge, at least briefly. Edge up the ramp, glancing back numerous times, then turning to look at Slater from the stage.

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Backstage Khali is talking to Long. Long loves the Kiss Cam. He loved the looks on the girls faces when he kissed them, but he has a girlfriend now and wants to be faithful, Long understands. Khali speaks, Singh says Khali’s girlfriend lives in India and he’s never had a long distance relationship and hopes Long can help him out. Long says ‘Going The distance’ is all about long distance relationships, so he’d be happy to help him out. Singh shows long a picture and he looks like he’s about to barf. Long calls her interesting looking, then says she looks nice. Long says he might not be the one… the other two actors come in and ask what Long has there. One of the guys screams at the picture, the other asks if it’s a human being. Long tells them that it’s Khali’s girlfriend. They decide it doesn’t matter because he can’t speak English. They stop Singh from translating. He leaves them on his own. Long says just because he can’t speak English doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand it. Khali rips the picture out of their hands and they flee. Long talks about how Khali’s deeper and sees the beauty on the inside. Khali says, Yeah, she’s butt ugly.” Long says she has a few differences. Khali calls over off camera and the Bellas come over, one on each side, hugging him. They walk off together. Long said it must be an arranged girlfriend, then gives a funny look.

Cole and King talk about the SummerSlam weekend. SummerSlam Recall – Video clips from the weekend, the Superstars meeting the fans. Also there’s community service events going on that they got involved with. Matt Hardy and Layla went to a library to talk to kids about reading. Orton, Big Show, Eve and a lot of stars out for MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association).

Backstage Cena’s heading for the ring with a smile on his face.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Last month Darren Young was stuck in the ring with Cena. RAW Superstars lined up across the bottom of the ramp to stop Nexus from getting involved.

In the ring Darren Young is ready. Cena comes out to meet his ‘illegitimate brother from Buckwheat’ (glad they finally commented on how much Darren Young really does look like Cena – at least facially). Nexus comes out to the stage. They line up at the top of the ramp to watch.

John Cena Vs. Darren Young

They go for a lock up and Darren rolls Cena up quickly, but to no avail. Darren again grabs Cena, this time a backslide for one. Cena grabs Darren by the arm, then the head, then a side headlock takeover. Darren rolls around and pins Cena for one. Side headlock on Cena. Darren runs the ropes and Cena actually looks good dropping down, then jumping over Darren before Cena hits his obligatory shoulder block on him. Side headlock takedown by Cena. Darren gets Cena up and slams him back to the mat. A leg drop and Darren gets two on Cena. Clothesline on Cena and he gets pinned for one. Nice suplex on Cena for one. Darren slams Cena in the head with his hip, then tries to pin Cena again. Cena comes back with punches, but runs into a kick, then a swinging neck breaker to Cena for two. A knee in Cena’s lower back and Darren wrenches under Cena’s chin. Cena up and powers out. A kick to Darren’s gut and Darren gets backed into a corner. Darren is whipped but gets a back elbow up in Cena’s face. Darren pulls Cena to the center by a foot, drops an elbow for two. Darren drops a leg, then another for two. Darren looks frustrated.

“Nexus suck!” chants and they throw Darren off for a moment, he turns and looks at the fans on one side who are starting the chants rather than ignoring them and keeping his head in the match. Darren looks tired, but hit’s a snap suplex on Cena for two. Darren punches the mat in frustration. Darren tosses Cena out through the ropes. Darren goes out and grabs Cena. Cena face first off the stairs, but not with a lot of force. Darren paces a bit. Cena falls to the other side of the stairs. Darren dropkicks the stairs into Cena. Darren back in and the ref is counting.

But, of course, at nine Cena bounces up and dives into the ring. Darren is pissed. Darren misses a leg drop. Cena up and throwing punches. A couple shoulder blocks, then a slam. Cena readies the fans and King says this is a little ‘vintage’ Cena with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Darren up on Cena’s shoulders. Darren elbows free, but Cena grabs his leg and locks on the STF.

Winner – John Cena

Cena starts to celebrate, but Nexus runs to the ring. They surround three sides of the ring, but leave the ramp side free. Cena leaves the ring cautiously, watching Nexus closely. Nexus into the ring as a group, slowly. They surround Darren. He’s to his feet and talking fast to Wade, hand on Wade’s shoulder. Otunga was the first to attack, from behind. They fall on him, stomp him hard. They pull Darren up and Skip clotheslines Darren to the mat. Wade pulls Darren up, gets him across his shoulders and slams him to the mat. Wade pulls Darren over to the corner and Gabriel nods. Gabriel climbs, looks around, readies himself and hits his 450 splash. They surround Darren, then start to leave the ring. But their music starts playing and they get back in and pose. Video of Nexus’ attack on Darren Young. Nexus stands across the ring, arms held high.

Biggest pop
Bret Hart

Biggest pop

Thanks for joining me for another wild RAW Report