Wednesday, February 22, 2017

  • Government agencies have set a 2:00pm CST deadline for all remaining opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline to leave the Sacred Stone Camp in North Dakota
    • Follow @Unicorn_Riot; @IENEarth; and @SacredStoneCamp for updates throughout the day
    • Get involved with the ‘Defund DAPL’ campaign—now targeting banks and private investors backing the project
  • With congressional lawmakers in their home districts this week, the following tools have been established so you can find the Town Hall or public event nearest you:
    • — The organizers behind the “Indivisible Guide” have created this , as well as a “” to help if your representative is dodging your concerns.  On Twitter: #ReclaimRecess
    • — Just enter your zip code to find a Town Hall or similar event in your area.
    • — Organized by MoveOn members, another effort to hold lawmakers accountable. . On Twitter: #ResistanceRecess
  • Women and their allies are staging rallies and public events nationwide Wednesday—and throughout the week—to push back against the Trump/GOP attack on women’s choice and women’s health.
    . (If there isn’t an event scheduled in your community, you can register to host one here.)
  • Take today’s “” by telling your State Senator to pass legislation to preserve the Affordable Care Act’s consumer protections within your State. Without the ACA, insurance companies go back to charging women more than men, denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions and setting annual and lifetime limits on coverage – unless your State bans these practices (and many others that the ACA prohibits at a federal level).

What You Can Be Doing Everyday 

  • Check out the See if there’s a local Indivisible group in your area. If there isn’t, start one.
  • ” also has a running schedule of events and actions.
  • Sign up to receive ” on your mobile device
  • Everyday: Make your voice heard with “” (because calling your lawmaker actually works)
  • Every Sunday: Join “” Strategy Calls
  • Every Tuesday:  (or on Twitter)

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