Rey Mysterio’s accomplishments in pro wrestling speak for themselves. The masked Superstar is truly a legend in the industry, and he has competed all over the world for several different promotions over the years. Mysterio has fought in WCW, WWE, and other promotions in Mexico and around the globe. He most famously wrestled in WWE, even winning the WWE Championship on one occasion, as well as the World Heavyweight Championship. Although Mysterio has had a long career, the luchador has proven that he is not ready to end his career yet. In fact, there have been a few reports and rumors posted lately that have suggested that Mysterio could be on his way back to WWE very soon.
 Although a recent rumor claimed that Mysterio had just signed a two-year contract that will see him return to the company at some point this year, those reports appear to be inaccurate. According to Wrestling Inc., Mysterio has still not signed a deal of any kind with WWE, and he is still scheduled to compete in the independent circuit at the moment. Although fans have been clamoring to see Mysterio come back and tear down the house with some of WWE’s brightest young stars, it does not look like he and the company have come to terms on an agreement. Despite this, rumors of Mysterio’s WWE return persist with WWE officials desperately trying to get him back on board.
WWE brought Mysterio back to compete in their Royal Rumble matches as a guest entrant this year, and the company also confirmed that he will be a special pre-order bonus character in the new WWE 2K19 video game this year. Mysterio could still be appearing on future New Japan Pro Wrestling events, as well as the All In event this September. WWE will definitely hope to have Mysterio sign a new contract before those shows, but it looks highly unlikely that that will happen at this point. Rey Mysterio has said before that he has been negotiating with WWE on a three-year contract that will see him work a note limited schedule. Despite the debunked rumors, it is certainly possible that Mysterio could be back in WWE in just a matter of time.


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