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Rhino joined episode 323 of Tha O Show for 25 minutes this week and discussed a whole bunch of things, in this very candid interview filled with belly laughs and a couple of “Did he just say that?” moments!

-Rhino shares his own personal road stories, including one about this week’s co-host, Bill Skullion and how Bill once uttered “the toughest thing I ever heard come out of another man’s mouth”
-Rhino touches on his upcoming opponent Sylvan Grenier at a CWI show tomorrow night.
-Talk on ROH run and if he’s disappointed at all with how creative has used him and if he felt he should have been in the World Title Tournament.
-Rhino offers his two cents on the AJ Styles situation, and explains why TNA may have to let him go.

All that PLUS:

A preview of Night Of Champions, from a booker’s viewpoint
Why Edge’s return to Raw might be a bad thing
Why the RVD / Ricardo marriage is even worse than you thought
Is Total Divas merely a trial balloon for the next phase of WWE programming?

and so much more!

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