During the latest episode of Table For 3, which recently premiered on the WWE Network starring Ric Flair, Kurt Angle and Sting, “The Nature Boy” opened up about his recent health scare.

“The coma man, yeah that was the worst,” said Flair, when discussing his recent health scare during the show.

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“For a month I couldn’t get out of a chair without somebody pulling me,” said Flair. “It was ridiculous. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t even open up a Gatorade bottle, right? So I had to start from scratch.”

Flair went on to talk about some of the odd dreams he experienced during this difficult time as well.

“It was so bad they gave me twenty-one CAT scans while I was there in the thirty-one days. Because I wasn’t coming [around mentally].” Flair said he doesn’t remember a lot of this, however his fiance Wendy ended up telling him about it.

“I don’t remember any of it,” Flair continued. “It just wasn’t getting better. My memory was like — I was talking about things. I thought my daughter got married and I thought I was doing something with the Four Horsemen like I’m dreaming like I’m in a show.

“I was supposed to go to SummerSlam the day after I went in the hospital for SummerSlam and I dreamt I went to SummerSlam and all that.”

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