NXT star Sami Zayn shot an angle during his appearance at the EVOLVE 50 iPPV event in New York City on Sunday evening.

Zayn shot an angle with Ethan Page and EVOLVE Champion Timothy Thatcher. During Page’s match against Matt Cage, which Page lost, he mocked Zayn’s “Ole!” chants and used his “Helluva Kick.”

After the match, Zayn confronted Page in the ring and told him he has all the talent in the world, but a bad attitude. Page simply walked out of the ring as a sign of disrespect to Zayn.

Zayn spoke about watching Friday’s EVOLVE 49 iPPV from backstage and how it made him miss the independent scene. He said he has a hole in his heart from leaving the indies to go to WWE. He gave props to everyone backstage and said they will carry EVOLVE and independent wrestling to the next level. Once again, he teased big things to come for EVOLVE and NXT.

Eventually, this brought out Thatcher, who wasn’t pleased with Zayn saying Johnny Gargano is the best on Friday’s iPPV show. Zayn said he meant that if Thatcher wants to be the man, he has to beat the man — Gargano. Thatcher said he will challenge Gargano when EVOLVE returns to Florida. The two shook hands to end the segment. The segment did not air on the iPPV broadcast.

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