Actress Sarah Jessica Parker is one New Yorker who is not at all pleased that Mayor Bill de Blasio has proposed a massive $11 million cut to the city’s library system and she has started a website to gain supporters to oppose the cuts.

Along with the $11 million budget cut, de Blasio’s plan also would slash services, scale back hours, eliminate workers, and cancel programs for the Big Apple’s libraries, PageSix reported.

The former Sex and the City star launched a website asking supporters to “post a sticky note” telling the Democrat mayor — and newly announced candidate for president — not to cut the library system’s budget.

“As Carrie Bradshaw might, I couldn’t help but wonder: Can New York City survive without strong public libraries?” Parker wrote in an email to supporters. “Could, I as a New Yorker accept cuts to our wonderful, important, necessary, and beloved libraries? I’m sorry. I can’t.”

Parker, 54, insisted that she is a big supporter of the New York Library system imagining it as a “cornerstone” for the community.

“It is not only a regular neighborhood stop for books, programs, and more, it is a cornerstone, a beacon, and one of the most beloved buildings in our community. I don’t know what we’d do without it,” Parker wrote.

The mayor’s funding plan goes in exactly the opposite direction of the public library system’s request that it be afforded an additional 35 million in budget dollars.

“The impacts would be especially difficult, as we actually requested $35 million in additional funding this year to cope with rising costs, expanding and new branches to meet that growing needs of New Yorkers,” said NYPL senior public-relations director, Angela Montefinise.

According to PageSix, a recent poll of 1,000 New Yorkers showed that the majority felt the library budget cuts would negatively impact their communities.

Mayor de Blasio recently announced his bid for the Democrat nomination for president in 2020, but it seems that few of his own voters are supportive of his run for the White House.

Indeed, during his announcement on ABC’s “Good Morning America” last week, a huge crowd gathered in the streets outside the studio to protest against the mayor with chants of “liar, liar” ringing out.

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