SEATTLE, WA – Phoenix Jones, the most prominent member of the Seattle superhero movement, is taking a break from crime fighting. Jones made the announcement on social media recently, saying that he’s “at a weird point” in his life.

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“I need to be alone for a bit. If I’ve taught you anything over the years please share that moment with me. I hope to be back and posting and patrolling soon but things change,” he wrote in an Instagram post on Feb. 11. “People change, your friends die, you get old, women die before you can save them, your kids get old and you sit back and say why.”

Jones, AKA Benjamin John Francis Fodor, became famous after he and the Rain City Superheroes starting patrolling Seattle streets in 2010. Jones stuck to the downtown, Belltown, and Capitol Hill neighborhoods, intervening in drunken fights and worse.

In 2011, Seattle police arrested Jones was for pepper-spraying a man outside a nightclub. In 2012, he was at the scene of the murder of Nicole Westbrook, 21, in the Pioneer Square neighborhood.

But there were victories, too. In 2012, Jones and the Rain City crew stopped a blind man from being robbed in Belltown. He later went on to compete in mixed martial arts competitions, but was still patrolling in Seattle as recently as January.

Jones didn’t give a specific reason for taking a hiatus. But his Instagram post hints that, like comic book superheroes, he’s grappling with his identity.

“I was wrong, maybe everything I’ve ever believed in was wrong. Seriously it’s been my honor to serve the city of Seattle. Sleep tight and as always stay safe. JONES OUT,” he concluded.