Former WWE star Shane “Hurricane” Helms has made some pretty shocking allegations about Shawn Michaels, saying he’s one of the biggest drug abusers and hypocrites in the history of pro wrestling and calling him a “cock-eyed cross-eyed piece of sh**.

On the latest episode of his weekly “Highway 2 Helms” online video show, Helms’ co-host Marty Gardner him who his least favorite wrestler of all-time is. Helms did not hesitate to name Shawn Michaels.

Helms stated that Michaels was one of his idols growing up, but “he really let me down as a person” when he got to work with him in WWE.

Helms then took the gloves off and tore into Michaels, calling him “the biggest hypocrite in the business” and claiming “his whole religious gimmick is a f***ing work.”

Helms said that he can’t deny Michaels is one of the best WWE performers of all time and his matches WrestleMania matches with The Undertaker were classics – but as a person, Michaels is a “cock-eyed cross-eyed piece of sh**.

Helms then told a story about being so angry at Michaels at a show last year that he wanted to attack him – even if he’d lose his job over it. Michaels was having an argument with Chris Jericho backstage, with Michaels yelling loudly at Jericho. Helms did not say what the argument was about, but said he sided with Jericho in the situation.

Helms went on to say Michaels is “one of the biggest drug users in the history of the business…who has snorted more coke and done more steroids” than anybody else in wrestling.

* UPDATE: Shawn Michaels RESPONDS To Gregory Helms (OHHH SNAP!)

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