Last night’s Raw was the first salvo in the battle that is for your viewership going forward. How do you think it went? Excited? Think the WWE did well with the stage setting?
Tonight’s Smackdown is going to continue to build to the big show in Jeddah. I would hazard a guess that Kofi and Dolph run into each other “somewhere” in the arena tonight. Maybe during Kofi’s match? We haven’t seen anything from the Roman Empire on Smackdown, even if we have heard about him on Raw? Will he show up tonight? The first hour of Raw was a lot of SD content, will SD be teeing up Raw?
What to expect from tonight’s show:

Kofi vs Kevin Owens – Once again, is this where Ziggler steps in and interferes again?
More build-up of Bayley vs the Queen? – A tag match last week putting the writing on the wall?
Andrade vs the Demon Balor
Bryan and Rowan were absent on last week’s show, will they get a spot this week?
Peyton Royce and Billie Kay – The women’s tag champions lost again on Raw, what will happen tonight

Will Roman make an appearance? Will Smackdown be better or worse than Raw?
What say you AW?
Stay tuned to find out!