— There is a cable war going on between Fox and Time Warner Cable which has Fox demanding that Time Warner pay one dollar per month per customer in order to continue receiving their family of networks including Fox, FX and MyNetworkTV. Time Warner has refused their proposal and they are threatening to pull all Fox stations off the air this Friday. Hence, Time Warner Cable subscribers would be unable to watch Friday Night SmackDown. Fox has taken out ads in several markets saying that Time Warner is trying to deprive its customers of shows such as House and American Idol. SmackDown is listed in several ads, including a few spots with WWE talent addressing the possible loss of the program. (source: www.f4wonline.com)

— During a recent interview, the wrestler formerly known as Kizarny, Nick Cvjetkovich (now performing under the name Sinn Bodhi), gave his unique take on the backstage atmosphere in World Wrestling Entertainment.

“Working at WWE was also awful because there is so much politics and back stabbing you never know who your enemies are because they are all gutlessly and unaccountably hiding in the shadows,” he said.

“I wasn’t given a straight reason why I was released. One minute I was told how unique I was and how great of a work ethic I had. The next minute they had nothing for me. I have heard many different theories. I guess I just didn’t fit their mold of cookie cutter. Not enough abs showing I guess even though in the ring I can run circles around every ex-NFL player or jacked up underwear model collecting a paycheck in the WWE developmental system. Vince and his billion dollar case of ADD wants Ken Dolls sports entertaining against other Ken Dolls at the moment. Me looking weird or different didn’t compute with the tunnel vision that WWE sometimes has even though Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and Hot F*****g Topic retail stores are all the rage with kiddies.”

To read the interview in its entirety, click here. He gives his thoughts on TNA, his friendship with Edge and Christian, his unique gimmick, speaking carny, and much more.

— Raw’s newest tandem, Chris Masters and Eve, can be seen performing “Pec the Halls” in a special video on WWE.com. To view the video, click here.

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