SmackDown gets started with footage from last week’s number one contender’s match for a title shot with Batista. Finlay and Mysterio go to a double DQ and the Undertaker shows up…. We know what happens. We cut immediately to the entrance music for the Great Khali and we are off with our first match.

The Great Khali vs Kane
Khali take the offense at the beginning and puts his infamous vice grip on Kane’s shoulder. More chopping and then he goes for the vice grip on Kane’s head. Kane retreats to the ropes and forces a break and the two men start brawling in the corner. Kane attempts a chokeslam but Khali blocks it and he knocks Kane out of the ring. A piece of cable finds its way around Kane’s neck as Khali begins choking the life out of him and gets disqualified.
Winner – Kane (by DQ)

Post match, there’s more scuffling until Kane clobbers Khali with the bell. While Kane returns to the ring, we are treated to an ECW visitor, who I hear, is making a permanent transfer to SmackDown – Big Daddy V. He flattens Kane and then stands in the ring for everyone to see how grossly out of shape he is. We cut backstage after a commercial where Matt Striker, V’s manager, says that V is here to stay and that we are going to see a lot of him. With the closeup on V’s flab, that’s exactly what we’re getting.

Chris Masters vs Chuck Palumbo
We get a rehash of the previous week’s Masterlock that Masters used to put Palumbo away in retribution for Palumbo’s sneak attach during their first encounter. The two lock up and Masters goes outside to order McCool to the back. Palumbo attacks him from behind before taking Masters back into the ring. Palumbo hits some chops and punches in the corner with no objection from the ref. A whip and Palumbo takes Masters down with a shoulder block then backs him into the corner. He tries to charge but Masters boots him and turns it around. Masters ascends the corner and starts hammering Palumbo – now with plenty of objections from the ref. Palumbo kicks him off and as he steps into Masters, Masters goes for a suplex that Palumbo blocks. Palumbo gets his own suplex, a long, delayed one that Masters balances out beautifully, and Palumbo brings him over to the mat in a huge drop. It has little effect on Masters as he kicks right out of it. Palumbo misses a flying elbow and Masters shoves him into the corner, working on his back. A tremendous reverse back drop and Masters gets a two count. Masters gets a surfboard stretch on Palumbo and McCool tries to work the crowd up for Palumbo. A textbook punching exchange – one of those fake bits that ruin matches where they give the intended winner a momentary “indestructible” nature – and Palumbo drops Masters with several punches and a clothesline. A whip and Masters ducks it and then comes back to go over in a full body suplex by Palumbo. Palumbo goes for the top ropes and comes off with a shoulder block. Victoria comes in from the back and attacks McCool. Palumbo unwisely takes his eyes off the action and Masters uses the opportunity to roll him up for the win. Nice strong exit by Masters and Victoria, both of whom know exactly how to draw major heat from a crowd.
Winner – Chris Masters

Kenny Dykstra is apparently out of the picture now, and Victoria seems poised to work with Masters as this series of matches continues.

Cyber Sunday promo with Matt Hardy and MVP backstage.

Finlay vs Matt Hardy
Finlay makes a pin attempt right away but Hardy turns it around and dropkicks Finlay to the outside. Finlay sends Hardy into the post then throws him back in the ring. The two exchange some rather routine moves until Hardy begins hitting his usual moves – clothesline, bulldog, Side Effect, and he goes for the Twist of Fate. Finlay blocks Hardy’s finishing move and Finlay almost gets a two count. Finlay tries to involve the shillelagh but MVP is on hand to remove it from his reach and Hardy gets the Twist of Fate on Finlay for the win.
Winner – Matt Hardy

Brian Major vs Drew MacIntyre
MacIntyre has his second SmackDown match and he wins it with help from Dave Taylor as he did last week. It would be good to see him follow up with the win as his ring skills are very good. The buildup of another heel is in the works. Let’s hope they don’t fail him as the WWE seems to have difficulty creating good heel characters.
Winner – Drew MacIntyre by pinfall

Unfortunately, JBL has the floor – I mean the ring – after they show some clips of the history between the Undertaker and Batista. Building up the Cyber Sunday PPV, JBL mouths off at the crowd and attempts to start a “JBL” chant that becomes a “JBL sucks” chant. How right they are. Batista comes to the ring for the interview and JBL gets right to the point, insisting that Batista is afraid of the Undertaker and can’t beat him. Batista says he isn’t afraid of anyone and JBL calls him a coward. Spear to JBL is his reward. One of the best moments of the show.

After a commercial break, we see JBL having a fit as he is back at ringside with Michael Cole. We cut to a diva search promo.

Deuce & Domino vs Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore
This is turning out to be an ongoing series on matches. A surprise tonight as the match is short – with Yang and Moore easily outwrestling Deuce and Domino. Yang does his moonsault on Deuce for the win. It was over within minutes.
Winners – Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore

Backstage there’s another meeting between Jamie Noble and Vickie Guerrero. Noble apologizes for his actions the previous week. The apology gets overdone and becomes a lecture. Noble says he’ll do anything to help her so Vickie, not happy about the lecture, decides he can help with the show – and wrestle the Undertaker. Noble has a fit – and we are off to degrade the cruiserweight title again.

Undertaker vs Jamie Noble
As with last week, the match lasted seconds with the Undertaker giving Noble the Tombstone piledriver.
Winner – Undertaker

MVP vs Rey Mysterio
Mysterio slaps MVP with a dropkick and splash, almost getting a three count. A 619 is set up early, but MVP gets out of the way. Mysterio keeps up the work and MVP charges him, only to go out of the ring when Mysterio pulls down the top rope. Mysterio dives off the top ropes with a bodysplash but MVP cuts it off and puts Mysterio back in the ring. Now it’s Mysterio to the outside via MVP’s running kick. We cut to a commercial, one of the WWE’s best attempts at timing.

On return, MVP is about to get a two count pin. MVP puts a front facelock on Mysterio but Mysterio works his way out of it and uses the ropes for offense with MVP avoiding it and getting another near two-count. MVP shoves Mysterio in the corner and attempts a kick but Mysterio moves and turns the tables, working MVP over with his rapid-fire kicks. The two exchange some of their signature moves, each one getting a near two-count, several times each until Mysterio dropkicks MVP into the ropes, setting up the 619. He hits it but then comes off the ropes and meets MVP’s boot. MVP attempts the Playmaker but is interrupted by Finlay, yanking him out of the ring and causing a DQ for MVP.
Winner: Rey Mysterio (by DQ)

What was it all about this week?
As is seeming to be the case with SmackDown, a few people seem to be carrying the shows, delivering what little excitement there is to be had. Credit goes Batista for perking up a failing in-ring sermon by JBL, MVP for selling the standard, expected Mysterio action and Chris Masters and Victoria for bringing much needed life to their match with Palumbo and McCool. Also of note was the second appearance of Drew MacIntyre, who will, hopefully, be given more to do than win by outside interference.