Here are spoiler results for next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling, airing Thursday, September 5th on Spike TV:

– EY beat Jay Bradley

– Mickie James comes out for a promo. ODB interrupts and they fight.

– Chris Sabin vs Knux. Knux brings a hammer in but Sabin takes it away and hits him with it. Winner via DQ, Knux.

– AJ Styles wins the gauntlet match.

– Storm/Gunner are out for a promo but are ambushed by the Aces & 8s. This leads to a match. Aces use a weapon behind the refs back to pick up the win.

– AJ Styles comes out to pick his opponent for No Surrender. He chooses Austin Aries.

– Magnus vs Roode is announced for No Surrender

– Bully Ray vs Sting in a non-title match. Hogan bans Tito from ringside and makes the match a NODQ. Bully takes the padding off the ring, Sting got the upperhand and the Aces interfered. MEM come out and the two factions brawl backstage. Anderson has the hammer, but it’s taken away by the ref leading to Sting winning via submission.

– Anderson & Bully get into an argument and it’s revealed that Anderson will face Bully for the World Title at No Surrender.

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