Once his eyes were opened and he later became committed as a “revolutionary socialist,” it wasn’t easy for Spenser Rapone—a West Point graduate—to maintain conformity with the ideological strictures most valued by the U.S. Army, among the numerous military branches tasked with acting as the muscle of U.S. imperalism and projecting strength on behalf of American capital and corporate interests abroad.

But committed he was and—nearly a year after he was famously photographed with the words “Communism Will Win” under his graduation cap—the trained soldier, a second lieutenant with the Army’s 10th Mountain Division based at Fort Drum in New York state, tendered his resignation from the service on Monday after he was earlier reprimanded by higher-ups for “conduct unbecoming an officer.”

Outside the base on Monday, he offered one final military-style gesture:

Rapone first made headlines in 2017 after he posted pictures of himself at his West Point graduation wearing a t-shirt of the Cuban Revolution’s famed Che Guevera under his uniform and the messge “Communism Will Win” inside his cap.

According to an interview with the Associated Press, Rapone seemed at ease with his decision to leave the U.S. military and called on other enlisted soldiers who feel like he does, to do the same.