WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch tweeted multiple gay slurs Wednesday night after becoming irate with “The Boy Diva” Rick Cataldo, a male independent wrestler who portrays an overly-effeminate gay stereotype and primarily competes against female talent.

Independent wrestler Brittney Savage tweeted Wednesday she would blog her thoughts on the ongoing online flame war between Sytch and Reby Sky, who have been jousting back and forth over ‘Sycho’ Sid Vicious’ reputation for no-showing events. Cataldo wrote to Savage, “I can’t wait to read it Britt! lmao and btw I got yo back Reby 😉 that bitch loves throwing shots.”

Cataldo’s remark infuriated the WWE Hall of Famer. Threatening physical harm, she wrote to him, “yeah, like the shot i threw at your jaw? you chicken shit faggot piece of crap… i’ll knock you out.”

Cataldo responded, “@WWEHOFerSunny is a serious hot mess bitch and I love it! write a book mama I want to read all your fairytales.” Sytch once again vowed to physically harm Cataldo, writing back, “youre gonna get your ass handed to you bitch.”

Sytch used the slur again after being criticized for her derogatory language, explaining to a fan, “dude, i have a gay cousin who i love to death… but this kid was a faggot…totally different.”

She hurled the slur again in response to a fan who wrote, “There’s nothing more rude than calling someone a ‘faggot’ @WWEHOFerSunny needs to learn to grow up, and have some manners.”

The WWE Hall of Famer apologized Thursday for the offensive language posted on her account; she said it was hacked.

“I would like to apologize for the statement on my account… someone hacked into my acct . Im not that type of person. was not my statement,” Sytch wrote.

The hacker knows Sytch has a gay cousin; she wrote, “hey, I have a homosexual cousin, who i Love to death… I’d never say anything derogatory about him or anyone else.. my fav cousin!! Greg.”

She continued, “listen people, i have a gay cousin… he’s awesome, and I love him to death… Id never say a word about him or anyone else. GREG SYTCH.”

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