After nearly 20 years of wrestling a very physical in-ring style, Team 3D’s Brother Ray will be taking several months off due to injuries and is considering retirement.

Ray’s tag partner Devon was interviewed this week by Alex Marvez and says Ray has officially taken an “indefinite break” from pro wrestling. “Bodywise, he’s pretty messed up,” he said. “I saw this coming two or three years ago. There were times where even getting on a plane was hard for him.”

“For our generation, the (aging) process is sped up because of everything more we do in the ring,” he said. “You can’t do all that flying and flipping and not pay a price.”

Devon added, “Bubba and I are definitely two different people. What he lacks in wrestling ability, I pick up. What I lack in talking, he picks up. But I still think when I’m given the mike, I’ve always held my own.”

If Ray does decide to retire, Devon won’t join him, as he still believes he can produce in the ring for TNA. He has been one of the leading forces behind TNA’s Frontline group and says he’s eager to step up as a singles star in TNA.

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