Michael Cohen testifies before Congress on Wednesday, but his opening statement was published by The New York Times late Tuesday.

In it, the disgraced former attorney to President Donald Trump painted a picture of a “racist,” a “conman” and a “cheat” sitting in the Oval Office. Then, in scathing detail, Cohen listed examples of each in action. 

Here are some of the most stunning excerpts from the statement:


“Mr. Trump is a racist”

Trump has a very low opinion of his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. 

How Trump dodged service in Vietnam  

Trump is not a patriot

Trump ‘reveled’ in refusing to pay his bills  

Trump knew about Roger Stone and Wikileaks

One of Cohen’s biggest regrets: Lying to Melania Trump

Trump repaid Stormy Daniels hush money with personal checks

Cohen warns Trump: I’m not your ‘fixer’ anymore 

The identity of Individual #1