WWE Superstar The Miz recently spoke with Bleacher Report for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On the origins of “The Miz” on MTV’s Real World: “The Miz came in as a way to say exactly what I was feeling and not have any repercussions for it because it was a character I was playing. That character became very popular, not only with fans but with castmates.”

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On how appearing on Real World helped him prepare for a career in pro wrestling: “It got me comfortable in front of the cameras. Whenever I had an interview, it wasn’t a nervous situation. That was something I’d done for a long time. It showed me I could play up to the cameras. The camera was my friend.”

On not being liked when he first joined WWE back in 2006: “I wasn’t liked. I think of WWE as a fraternity. You have the fans involved. You have the WWE Superstars involved. And you have me wanting to be a part of the fraternity and no one accepting me. …Every ounce of respect I have today, I had to earn. I guess I’m glad for it because it made me the person I am today and I like me.”

Check out the complete interview with The Miz at BleacherReport.com.