It is being reported by the Wrestling Observer that the show that was held at the Little Caesar Arena in Detroit did a decent number. The WWE announced during the show that it was a sellout of 16,200, but with the WWE inflating numbers the actual attendance was closer to 13,000 people.
The site notes that the brand new arena wasn’t taped off or had any blacked out areas, but there were noticeable empty seats around the arena.
Attendance for WWE events have been up and down in recent times with some house shows being sparsely attended and even tapings of RAW and Smackdown having attendance issues and having to have people herded into the opposite of the hard camera side to make the arenas seem fuller than they really are. But, in the same token, some shows have been showing good attendance and while Hell in a Cell had those empty seats, it still did a decent attendance in the brand new building. 

If you remember last month in the build-up to Roman Reigns and John Cena’s match that Roman mentioned attendance had been up thanks to him and that Cena hadn’t sold tickets in five years. However, the case seems to be that attendance in many of the individual buildings around the country has gone down, but that ticket prices have gone up. I can personally attest to this as in my nearby arena of the Augusta Maine Civic center (that hold, at most, 2000 people) that ringside tickets for the last show were just a shade under $500 and that generally the prices were up for around the arena up to the day of the show when prices fell to sell more tickets.


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