— During WrestleMania weekend, WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson was asked about steroid use in pro wrestling, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He said, “When I wrestled, I took stuff they didn’t even have names for. You think Barry Bonds was the first one to take steroids?”

— WWE developmental wrestler Afa Jr., who was recently suspended for violating WWE’s Wellness policy, comes off suspension on Thursday, April 17. His next appearance should take place two weeks from now on April 22. What Afa Jr. exactly did to trigger the Wellness suspension has yet to be revealed.

— Speaking of Afa Jr., click here to see a recent photo of him with his cousin Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

WWE Magazine‘s “Ultimate Finishers” issue takes a small jab at former WWE star Chris Masters when profiling his “Masterlock” maneuver. They wrote: “The good ol’ Full Nelson was given a new lease on life by Masters, who made a point demonstrating how unbreakable his version was. If only he had one other hold in his repertoire, the Masterpiece might’ve lasted in WWE.”

See Triple H mock Chris Masters for losing muscle mass