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“I think that our clothing allows a woman or man to express they are a creative individual without looking crazy. We’re really focusing on that woman who used her clothing to express who she is, but not dominate,” expressed Amy Smilovic. Over the years, the Tibi designer has been continually perfecting garments that stride the line between trendy and timeless, fit for the woman, or man, who Smilovic describes as “the ultimate compliment: creative,” but also “has their s–t together.” 

Smilovic, who said business has been stronger than ever in their specialty stores, noted a big customer base in Los Angeles, but not the celebrities, rather producers and directors, as well as chief executive women across the globe. “The woman who’s on set all day but has a dinner at night, or might need to go to something fancy.” She (or he) is also a person who invests in their pieces and appreciates good quality, refined fashion. Smilovic’s pre-fall collection was evident of these statements through silhouettes that the designer “zeroed in on” for the new season. Plaid suiting felt fresh with slits at the elbows and rounded, jogger-esque trousers and prints offered curiosity — from far away, a cotton blouse was splashed with “interesting black-and-white print,” but close up, outlines of lightbulbs were revealed. 

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Smilovic offered up utility details through dual functionality. A stellar puffed coat came with straps (to wear while navigating the subway) while a vegan leather three-way trenchcoat could be zipped off into a mini jacket and sleeveless dress. Nubby knits — short-sleeve tops with sculptural, rounded sleeves or mid-length angora dresses — and T-shirts with padded boning rounded out the collection alongside painter pants (now a brand signature) in corduroy and retro printed frocks. Overall, clothes that speak to the wearer’s individuality with versatility and ample sophisticated style.

Tibi Pre-Fall 2020

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