Rajah.com reader Evan Ginzburg sent along the following live report from the TNA house show in Brooklyn, New York on July 5th:



1. Eric Young w Jesse Godderz 2*

OK but instantly forgettable

2. Mickie James W Velvet Sky 1 *

Nothing much here.

3. Devon W Joseph Park 1*

Lumbering. Pretty awful.

4. Samoa Joe W AJ Styles and Bobby Roode 2*

7 minute rush job disappointment. Roode submitted to Joe.

5. Jeff Hardy W Austin Aries 2 ½*

Aries always topnotch but I’ve seen him in far better matches and pretty much on every show when he was in ROH.

6. Gunner & James Storm W Daniels/Kazarian 2*

Watchable but no better than a TV match

7. Bully Ray W Kurt Angle 2 ½*

Angle’s always great to watch but ultimately the match was nothing special.

A- Approximately 3,000

This show pretty much felt like any meaningless indy albeit in a nicer venue with top names attached. Most matches felt rushed or going through the motions. All this talent sadly added up to nothing more than a mediocre night. When meeting Dave Hebner or taking a picture in the ring with a wrestler gets a bigger reaction than the matches themselves, and the intermission to hawk the merchandise is longer than half the card, their priorities truly are backwards.

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