FIA president Jean Todt has asked Formula 1 to consider a return of refueling in 2021 as part of the sport’s initiatives to improve the show.

Formula 1’s future regulation platform that will be introduced in 18 months shall be set in stone in October, with a significant overhaul set to impact the technical, sporting and financial rules governing F1.

While the broad lines of the regulations for 2021 have been laid out and agreed, a fair amount of refining and tweaking remains to be done in the coming months.

    Formula 1 delays 2021 regulations until October!

At Silverstone, Todt suggested that refueling, which was banned at the end of 2009 for reasons linked to costs and safety, could be brought back.

“Personally, I would like to see refueling, but I am happy to see a study on the positives and negatives. Cars are probably becoming a bit too heavy. That is something we discussed,” Todt said.

“I am pushing for analysing what it would mean if we reintroduced refuelling because if you reintroduce refuelling then you will have lighter cars at the start of the race and you can have smaller cars.”

Cost reduction is a crucial component of Grand Prix racing’s future rules. Re-introducing refueling rigs appears to be at odds with keeping teams’ expenses in check. But Todt cleverly counters the cost argument.

“When I hear it will be more expensive it makes me smile,” said the president of F1’s governing body.

“When I see the size of the motorhomes I don’t think it is the price that will be the killer to introducing it.”

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