Newt Gingrich attempted to defend President Donald Trump’s innocence on Wednesday, but his message was thwarted by a handful of typos and a few falsehoods.

He also gave Trump-haters a fun new nickname to use against the president.

The former speaker of the House attacked special counsel Robert Mueller ― whom Gingrich called “Muller” ― on Twitter for trying “to have iut boith ways” at his press conference earlier that day on the findings of the Russia investigation.

Gingrich said:

RawStory noted that besides the typos, Gingrich’s facts are wrong:

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“As Mueller and countless legal experts have explained, the DOJ does not accuse anyone of a crime unless they are willing to and can bring charges. Mueller in Wednesday morning’s remarks said just that, adding to do so would be unfair.”

Many Twitter users also felt obliged to point out Gingrich’s errors to him.

Some people had questions. Lots of questions.

Others had theories, taking a dig at Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s own typing misadventures in the process.

Some who weren’t fans of Gingrich did concede his tweet did one good thing for humanity: