As previously reported, John Cena suffered bad swelling due to a poke in the eye from Bray Wyatt during their “No Holds Barred” match at the WWE live event this past Saturday night in Madison, Wisconsin. By the time RAW rolled around on Monday night, the swelling had subsided substantially, however it was still noticeable. Regardless, Cena worked a match on the show and was a lot more involved compared to the previous night’s house show in Rochester, Minnesota, where he simply tagged in to score the pin during the finish of a six-man tag-team match where he, along with The Usos, took on The Wyatt Family.

The production crew was informed on Monday night not to shoot any closeup shots of Cena during the match, despite the fact that his eye — which was completely swollen shut during the weekend — was in much better shape.

A little known fact that relates to this story is that Wyatt, back when he was still performing as “Husky Harris,” accidentally poked Cena in the eye during a match, an incident that many believed to have resulted in him being demoted to the developmental system due to the fact that he “didn’t apologize enough” for the mistake.

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(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)