As we reported here earlier this week, Mick Foley has been unhappy with his role as color commentator on SmackDown! and is considering leaving WWE when his contract expires in the coming weeks. There has been talk of holding him off television this week to sell the angle he did with Edge at the end of last week’s Smackdown, but it should be noted that the Edge angle was not specifically written as a way to get Foley off television.

The main factor contributing to Foley’s unhappiness is Vince McMahon yelling into his headset during SmackDown! broadcast. McMahon regularly feeds lines to and communicates (note: yells at) WWE announcers while they are working and Foley is said to be at the end of his rope.

There was an incident that took place several months back while Mick Foley was calling SmackDown! with Michael Cole. Foley felt that Vince got so out of line with his yelling that he called Vince later that night to discuss the situation. Although sources indicate that Vince has toned i down while producing Foley since then, Mick is still bothered by the way he and other announcers have been produced.

Foley is expected to appear at SummerSlam in some capacity, but that show is being seen as a possible end-date for Foley if he chooses not to sign a new deal the company.

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