Viewership for this week’s episode of SmackDown Live goes down pretty bad. SmackDown Live this week really had a huge and tough competitor in The World Series and another reason the viewership went down pretty bad is because the show fell on Halloween. Smackdown Live went down 21% this week in viewership falling all the way to 2.119 million viewers. That would make this week’s episode of SmackDown Live the third lowest watched SmackDown since the show went to a live format over a year ago.
The show barely reached the top 10 in total viewership by coming in at ninth, but the show did score second in the key 18-49 demographic. By comparison, the World Series game between the Dodgers and Astros drew a massive 18 million viewers.
SmackDown Live is expected to return to its normal 2.3 – 2.8 million range with baseball over and the build to Survivor Series in full swing. But next week’s show in Manchester, England will not be live. It was reported that the show will be taped.

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