— Jim Ross has posted a message on his Twitter account about what the final match of tonight’s WrestleMania PPV will be:

“Looks like Taker-HBK 2 go on last.”

— WWE superstar R-Truth also posted a message on Twitter revealing that he and John Morrison’s Unified tag title match against Big Show and The Miz will open the show. Truth wrote:

“Make sure 2 watch Mania (tonight), he wrote. “I’m on first.”

— Many other Superstars and Divas have been writing on Twitter about last night’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and tonight’s PPV. Some highlights include:

Steve Austin: “i am so ready to watch WRESTLEMANIA 26!! it will be a special night for the wwe superstars. i wish them all good luck tonight!!! “

Jim Ross: “Dusty, Brisco, Bockwinkel & me doing HOF signing until noon here n Phoenix. No hangover today! Many others do. :)”

Matt Hardy: “It was a late night & an early morning.. But Wrestlemania is here.. The building is awesome, & it’s time to leave it all in the ring tonite! If you’re gonna be at Mania tonite & on the team, let’s drown everything out with the “Hardy” chants during MITB!! It’s GO time!!”

Savannah: “the arena is beautiful…I am so excited and lucky to be here!! My first Wrestlemania!!!!!”

Jack Swagger: “Time to shine! today’s the day Ladies…it’s time to put some real money in my Bank..no more I.O.U’S!! Let’s make this kitty purrr “

Evan Bourne: “Alls I can say is, I’m ready to start climbing ✌!!!”

* PARACHUTE Entrance Planned for Tonight & More WrestleMania XXVI *Spoilers*